What's a School Idol?

Maybe it's late to be asking, but what do you think?

Story 1

Riko: *Hum* MusicNote

Hanamaru: You look like you're in a good mood, zura. MusicNote

Riko: Hee, hee. I was just thinking how great it is that we've become real school idols, and it made me smile.

Ruby: Yeah. We've even got a name and everything. Everyone in Aqours is a true-blue school idol now! HeartBubble

Dia: I understand where you're coming from, but aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourselves? QuestionMark

Kanan: It's true this point, Aqours is still standing at the starting line. We've got lots of work to do.

You: We've gotta start discussing what kind of songs we should pick, and what our costumes should look like.

Mari: And how we can make our performance extra shiny, so we get really popular! MusicNote

Yoshiko: I want a song that's appropriate for a fallen angel. Something cool and beautiful at the same time.

Riko: A fallen angel song... Is that something all of us will be able to sing? Sweatdrop

Hanamaru: I could probably handle being a temple fallen angel, I guess.

You: Do you have any ideas, Chika?

You: Huh? Where'd Chika go? QuestionMark

Riko: Oh... I could've sworn she was here a minute ago.

Mari: Perhaps she went to the classroom or the roof. Let's go look for her.

Chika: *Sigh*

Ruby: Hey, there's Chika! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Hrmm...

Mari: What's wrong, Chika?

Riko: Are you not feeling well?

You: If your stomach hurts, I'll give you a tummy rub.

Chika: T-Thanks, but it's not a stomachache.

Chika: I've just had something weighing on my mind lately.

Yoshiko: Whoa, hold your horses! It's not like you to suddenly get all philosophical, Chika.

Chika: I just keep thinking about it all day, every day. *Sigh* How am I supposed to live like this?

Kanan: Is it that serious?!

Hanamaru: Maybe we can help.

Dia: Chika, please tell us what's going on. Perhaps we can help you solve your problem.

Chika: Okay... Thanks, everyone.

Chika: I've just been wondering... After all this talk about school idols...

Chika: What the heck IS a school idol?! Exclaimationpoint

You, Riko: Huh?

You, Riko: Whaaaaaaat?! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: You're just now asking that?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: I mean, I'm not ignorant. I know what school idols are like.

Chika: They're super cute, and they have this... this... This aura about them!

Ruby: An aura?

Hanamaru: I'm not sure what an aura is. Ruby, do you have one? QuestionMark

Ruby: I don't think so.

Hanamaru: Well, if you don't have one, then I definitely don't.

Chika: I thought when we became school idols, our lives were gonna completely change. Like...

Student: Whoa! That's Chika Takami, the school idol!

Student: We should all go and greet the idols together.

Student: Let's scatter rose petals all around the school entrance for when they arrive.

Student: Then we'll give them a big round of applause as they walk by!

You: Whoa, whoa, WHOA! That's nuts! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: Chika... you've got quite an imagination.

Riko: If people made that big of a fuss every time we arrived, we wouldn't even be able to come to school anymore.

Chika: A-Ah, ha, ha... Maybe you're right.

Chika: We've got all these ideas about what we want to do, but we haven't decided on anything concrete.

Chika: When I think about what the next step should be, I get so overwhelmed that my head starts spinning!

Riko: Chika, you're really worked up, aren't you?

Mari: So, to put it in simple terms, you want a specific definition of what a school idol is?

Chika: I... think so.

Hanamaru: I see. Perhaps you want to go back to the basics of a school idol?

Kanan: I don't think there's a very strict definition for school idols... but I wonder.

You: Yeah! Heck, every high school girl in the world is a school idol! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: *Giggle* I think that might be going a little too far. Sweatdrop

Ruby: Well, isn't any high school girl who sings and dances technically a school idol?

Riko: It's not like you have to take a test...

Yoshiko: Aqours is already a super-popular school idol group in the underworld.

Dia: We're not talking about the underworld. We're talking about Uchiura.

Yoshiko: Yohane lives in Numazu, not Uchiura.

Riko: Maybe there's something other school idols have that we don't.

Kanan: Well, we haven't been at it very long. You can't blame us for not being that good at it.

Chika: Ability is part of it... but there's something more.

You: Something bigger and more important than raw ability? QuestionMark

Mari: Hmm. If we can figure out what it is, we might make more progress.

Ruby: I'd be so happy if I could get even a little bit closer to all my favorite school idols. MusicNote

You: The school idols in the magazines are definitely different from us somehow. Here, Kanan. Take a look.

Kanan: Hmm... Now that you say that, it does feel like something's different. Ellipses

Dia: *Gasp* Exclaimationpoint

Mari: What is it, Dia? Did you figure it out?

Dia: Yes. This is just a theory...

Dia: But the difference between us and other school idols is...

Chika: Is...

Story 2

Dia: Is that all the other school idols...

Dia: Have a fashionable, metropolitan style about them! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Metro...politan? Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Oh... Oh! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: W-When you put it that way...

Yoshiko: I don't buy it! Aqours is totally fashionable and metropolitan. Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: I get it. I think all school idols are fashionable! HeartBubble

Kanan: Maybe urban school idols are just more stylish in their everyday lives, as well.

Ruby: Yeah! Their outfits and accessories are to die for.

Ruby: I cut out my favorite pictures from my magazines and save them. I want to dress just like them! MusicNote

Chika: So the school idol aura that we're lacking comes from being trendy and fashionable.

Riko: Eh, heh, heh... I'm glad we found an answer, but at the same time I kinda wish we hadn't... Sweatdrop

You: The truth hurts.

Riko: I wish I'd brought some of that with me when I moved here from Tokyo. I'm sorry, everyone.

Mari: Oh, come on. This whole "metropolitan" thing is way too vague. I have no idea what we're talking about!

Hanamaru: *Sip* Ahh, this tea is so good, zura. MusicNote

Ruby: Hanamaru, you're so relaxed.

Hanamaru: We are the direct opposite of urban stylishness, zura.

Hanamaru: It's futile for us to even try to become city girls, zura.

Chika: All this seems so beneath her! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Well... It's true that we're lacking in the urban style department.

Chika: Maybe if we can get some of that style, we'll become way more popular! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: I would like to know how they write their songs, and how they make such fancy costumes.

You: Do you think we can still learn this late in the game? QuestionMark

Kanan: I don't think we'll completely transform ourselves, but we might come out looking a little more trendy. MusicNote

Mari: That settles it! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Huh?!

Mari: Unmotivated school idols are not shiny.

Chika: Mari? Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Let's do it, girls. Let's make ourselves fashionable!

Mari: Then, we'll grow by leaps and bounds as school idols! MusicNote

You: Okay. Then I move we start investigating the city!

Ruby: Yes ma'am! MusicNote

Yoshiko: Leave it to me. This stuff is Yohane's specialty. MusicNote

Dia: Let's examine all our magazines and fin the differences between those idols and ourselves.

Hanamaru: Look at this... There are unnatural amount of people crossing this intersection.

Kanan: Wow, you're right. Why're all those people there? Is there a festival or something? QuestionMark

You: Well, it's a city. I bet this was taken right after a big concert let out.

Chika: Oh, good call! You, you're so smart! MusicNote

Riko: Ah, this is the Shibuya intersection. There are always huge crowds crossing there.

Kanan: Always? Like, every day? Even in the afternoon? Don't tell me there're that many people around at night, too. Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: No way. Night is when the fallen angels come out! Everyone else is sleeping soundly in their beds. HeartBubble

Mari: Heh. You all are so sheltered. In the city, adults are bust even late into the night! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: You're kidding... right?

Chika: Do people in the city not sleep at night? When do they sleep? In the morning? QuestionMark

Ruby: But it's so dark at night. They could all trip and fall into a ditch, or even the sea! It's too dangerous.

Hanamaru: I don't think there are ditches or seas in the city, zura.

Ruby: Oh, I see... Wow, that's awesome! MusicNote

Chika: We've visited Tokyo before...

You: There were so many people, and just so much things, it felt like we were in another country, right?

Chika: Yeah! Just getting out of the train station was tough enough, it was even harder to get about outside!

Dia: In summary, if we're going to take on the world, we need to become more capable all-around.

Dia: I'm ready for the challenge. We've got not shortage of opponents out there! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: Sis, Tokyo and Uchiura are both parts of Japan... Sweatdrop

Kanan: Hold it, hold it. Those fashionable city idols aren't enemies for us to fight. They're role models we should pattern ourselves after!

Mari: Well, now that we've depressed ourselves with how lacking we are compared to the metro school idols, what say we cheer ourselves up with a shopping trip?

Yoshiko: *Sigh* This shopping trip was such a let down!

Hanamaru: I thought Numazu would be good enough for what we want.

Ruby: I wanted a purse like the one I saw in the magazine... *Sniffle*

Dia: Don't cry, Ruby. Here, I'll wipe away those tears.

Ruby: Okay... HeartBubble

Chika: I was hoping having the same things as the city school idols make us just like them.

Kanan: If we can't have them, we'll have to find another way.

Yoshiko: You think it'll be enough to give ourselves a really fashionable vibe? QuestionMark

Hanamaru: If we're gonna experiment, we might as well go all in. Maybe a miracle'll and we'll all turn into trendy city girls! MusicNote

Chika: I want to become like a big city school idol as soon as possible.

You: Then let's go out there, get some fashionable outfits, and become school idols with crazy powerful auras! MusicNote

Chika: Yeah! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Tee-hee. Let's do it! MusicNote

Story 3

Yoshiko: Are you kidding me?! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: You're a school idol. You're telling me you've never heard of macaroons?!

Hanamaru: I really haven't. Honest, zura.

You: I've heard the word before in school idol songs. I always wondered what they were.

Yoshiko: Pfft... You guys know nothing about metropolitan fashion.

Yoshiko: Although, to be totally blunt, everyone here except for Yohane is a country bumpkin.

Dia: Yoshiko, you're just like the rest of us.

Yoshiko: I know I've only just moved here from the underworld, but I can already tell there's a huge difference between Uchiura and Numazu.

Kanan: True... I guess there is a bit of a gap.

Yoshiko: Numazu has a population of around 200,000! MusicNote

You: All right, Yoshiko! Teach us everything there is to know about macaroons!

Yoshiko: You see, macaroons are special things you wear in your hair! MusicNote

Riko: Huh?

Yoshiko: In other words, they're hair accessories!

Chika: Really? Wow, you sure know your stuff! MusicNote

Yoshiko: I know, right? Also, a little known fact is that macaroons actually originate from the underworld. HeartBubble

Hanamaru: Hunh... I'd love to decorate my head with one, zura. MusicNote

Riko: Excuse me...

Riko: Umm... I think macaroons are a kind of pastry.

Yoshiko: What?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Whoa, really?

Riko: They're round, pastel-colored little cakes. At least, I'm pretty sure they are.

Ruby: I see! Macaroons sound delicious. HeartBubble

Hanamaru: *Glare*

Yoshiko: Wh-What're you looking at? Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: I just got this world's macaroons mixed up with the ones from down below, that's all. MusicNote

Hanamaru: Yoshiko, don't lie, zura.

Mari: wait, wait, don't tell me! You've transformed into Lie-hane now? Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: N-N-N-Never! I wasn't lying! Please, as if I didn't know what macaroons are. Sweatdrop

Yoshiko: I'm the personification of truth and honesty.

Mari: Acting like a know-it-all isn't becoming of a school idol. It's very uncool. Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: I-I did know, I swear! Sweatdrop

Ruby: I was thinking the other day how nice it's be if there was a burger joint or coffee house on the way home from school.

Ruby: I won't drink coffee because it's too bitter, but it sure feels cool, right?

Kanan: Good idea! Too bad we've got such limited options around here.

Mari: What say we create our own fast food place right next to Uranohoshi? MusicNote

Riko: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: If Uchiura lacks something, we should get to work and make it ourselves! MusicNote

You: Wow! That's the kind of have-it-all thinking I'd expect from a rich girl! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: A hamburger joint, a crepe place, a donut store... Oh, what about a trendy knick-knacks store?

Yoshiko: You think this will make us more fashionable?

Hanamaru: This is gonna be awesome. Maybe we'll turn ourselves into real city girls. MusicNote

Kanan: All of us discussing a new song while sitting together at a hamburger joint would make for a pretty cute pic. MusicNote

Ruby: Oh, I'd love to do that! HeartBubble

Chika: I see, I see! So this is how urban school idols operate.

Kanan: Our after-school meetings would be even more fun. MusicNote

Mari: So we all agree? The plan is to make a combination hamburger joint, crepe place, donut shop, and knick-knacks store next to the school building! MusicNote

Dia: I object.

Mari: Why? Think about how much more fun our school life would be. MusicNote

Dia: I don't see any way this idea would be profitable.

Chika: Why's that? QuestionMark

Dia: Isn't is obvious? Because we'd have no customers.

Mari: You've gotta spend money to make money! Dia, you just don't understand how businesses operate. Exclaimationpoint

Dia: *Growl* Anger

Dia: Please don't make me repeat myself. We can NOT do this! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Dia, you're such a killjoy! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: P-Please, don't fight! Sweatdrop

Chika: *Sigh* BlueLines

You: Moving on... It looks like we've learned one thing from this discussion.

You: Only city girls can be urbane! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: All that work for such a sad conclusion, zura...

Kanan: Well, it is what it is, right?

Ruby: We can't be cute like the girls from Tokyo without living in Tokyo ourselves...

Hanamaru: Sorry, Ruby. I wish I could've been more help.

Chika: *Gasp* Is that the only option we have left, then?! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: D-Don't tell me you're gonna move to Tokyo!

You: Huh?! I can't just pick up and move! That's going too far! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: It seems like I'll have to use my abilities to build Uchiura up into a huge metropolis.

Yoshiko: That's impossible! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: Even if it were, it'd take decades to get to that point.

Mari: Wait.

Hanamaru: Yes, Mari?

Mari: Heh, he. We mustn't let this end on such a sad note! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Let's save the idea of becoming fashionable for another day, and go back to the topic of figuring out what school idols really are.

Mari: Why don't we try to look at what makes a school idol from another point of view? MusicNote

Story 4

Chika: What is a school idol... Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: What is a school idol? Exclaimationpoint

Dia: It feels like we're taking a test with no right answer.

Hanamaru: Yeah, like philosophy, zura.

Ruby: Mari, have you figured out what school idols are yet?

Mari: No. I've never really thought about it like this before.

Chika: I see...

Mari: But I think if we just take our time reflecting on school idols, we'll find our answer.

Kanan: Reflecting on school idols is the answer... Hmm.

You: What exactly do you mean when you say we should reflect on them, Mari?

Mari: For example... What if we all think about what it is about them that we personally like?

Mari: Maybe then we can figure out what things school idols need to have, what they should do, and so on.

Dia: Hmm... What do we like about school idols?

Ruby: Oh, oh! Pick me! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: What is it, Ruby?

Ruby: The thing I like most about school idols is how cute they are. HeartBubble

Dia: Oh, Ruby... *Chuckle* I know what you mean. I'm the same way. MusicNote

Ruby: Dia... HeartBubble

Hanamaru: I think it's awesome how they do everything themselves, zura! They write their own songs, and they make their own costumes. It's all done within the group.

Riko: That might be one of the biggest differences between school and professional idols.

Yoshiko: True. I also want to make sure I properly represent the world I come from.

Kanan: Not costing as much money is another upside, but most of all, I think there's a lot of value in making things from scratch. MusicNote

Ruby: Yes, yes! Just trying to come up with costume ideas makes me giddy. MusicNote

You: Sometimes you have to work through the night when you cut things too close, but that's part of life, too!

Mari: I can't get enough of the glowing, shining smiles that seem to be on every school idol's face. HeartBubble

Kanan: How about you, Chika?

Chika: What do I like about school idols...

Chika: I guess... I like how they give me the motivation and courage to work hard.

Chika: I know I don't usually think about things in such depth, but when something's on my mind...

Chika: I worry constantly about what I should be doing, and it ends up paralyzing me from doing anything.

Chika: The end result is that I want to act, but can't.

Mari: Chika...

Kanan: Like how you've been obsessing over this question of what school idols are.

Chika: But when I listen to school idol songs, something inside me says I've just gotta get up and get goin'!

Chika: It doesn't matter if it goes perfectly, or even well. I feel like those songs give me the courage to try.

Chika: I hope that someday I can become that kind of school idol, too.

You: You sure do love school idols, huh, Chika? MusicNote

Chika: Yes. I can't believe I lost sight of something so important!

Chika: I feel like I've got all of you, and countless other school idols pushing me from behind.

Chika: We need to band together and give it our best shot. It doesn't matter if we get confused about the next step!

Chika: At some point, one of us will figure out what that next step should be!

Dia: I'm... speechless.

Riko: Chika, you're leaving the hard parts for other people to do!

Chika: B-But- Sweatdrop

Kanan: Oh, it's fine. We'll all think about it together! MusicNote

Hanamaru: I'mma put my back into it, zura!

Ruby: I'll do my Rubesty! MusicNote

Yoshiko: With Yohane at your side, Aqours has nothing to fear. MusicNote

Mari: *Chuckle* Everyone's so shiny right now. HeartBubble

Mari: Aqours is standing at the threshold of school idolhood. HeartBubble

Chika: Yeah... maybe so! MusicNote

Chika: I guess I'm just not suited to all this heavy thinking. Heh, heh, heh. BlueLines

Dia: I wouldn't say that.

Chika: Dia?

Dia: I'm glad we made time to think in-depth about who we are, and what we want to accomplish.

Chika: Oh... Thank you!

Riko: *Giggle* There, there.

Chika: I think we might just make it as school idols. MusicNote

Mari: You, you said earlier that every high school girl in the world is a school idol. I think you may have been on to something there.

You: Mwa, ha, ha. Nothing escapes You Watanabe's piercing insight! MusicNote

Riko: Well, may be we can't achieve urbane sophistication, but hopefully we'll find another area where we can be competitive.

Chika: Yeah! MusicNote

Chika: All nine of us need to do our very best!



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