We are µ's (1st Years)

Introducing Maki, Rin, and Hanayo!

Part 1

Honoka: Hey there, Maki!

Maki: Hey, what's up?
Kotori: Guess what, Maki! We found someone to help us out!
Maki: That's great! I'm Maki Nishikino, a first-year student. Nice to meet you!
Honoka: Maki always gives off this cool and mature vibe. But she's really nice!
Maki: I-I'm not really...
Maki: Anyway, what are you helping with?
Umi: We thought we'd ask for help with Practices and Live Shows.
Kotori: Is there anything else you'd like to ask for help with, Maki?
Maki: Let me see, since you're helping... I think we should decide on our Goals together as a group.
Honoka: Goals? QuestionMark
Maki: That's right. We can set our own Goals as high as we want!
Maki: But if we set the Goals too high, then we'll just end up getting worn out, right?
Maki: So we need to set Goals that are above our level, so we can take things one step at a time.
Umi: That's right... No matter what you're trying to improve, it;s improve to set your Goals effectively.
Honoka: I kinda get it... But I kinda don't...
Maki: Don't think about it too hard.
Maki: Goals will come naturally. Think about it like this.
Maki: Once you've completed a Goal, a new path will open up.
Honoka: I see. That's the main point!
Kotori: We're going to keep looking for the other members of µ's. What are you going to do, Maki?
Maki: Is that so? Well, I'll come with you then.
Maki: Hanayo was here just a minute ago... But I don't see her right now.
Umi: I wonder where she went...
Maki: How about Rin? I think she's near the school gates. Wanna head over there?
Honoka: OK!

Part 2

Rin: Would you like to join the idol club?

Honoka: What are you doing, Rin? QuestionMark
Rin: Hey Honoka! I'm Scouting new Members!
Rin: These days, you have to diversify your assets!
Rin: In other words, our idol club needs to discover new talent.
Maki: That's surprisingly logical, coming from Rin.
Honoka: That's right! New talent!
Kotori: We found someone to help us with our idol activities.
Rin: Oh! I'm Rin Hoshizora, a first-year student. You can call me Rin.
Rin: Are you going to be a school idol with us?
Maki: They're not a school idol. They're just helping us with our idol activities.
Umi: ...Yeah, we really need help in that area. Exclaimationpoint
Umi: I mean, there is a possibility that you could be a school idol, too.
Kotori: Umi...
Rin: If you're going to be helping us out, then you could also help us Scout.
Kotori: When you're Scouting, you'll be able to make a bunch of new friends.
Honoka: Yeah! That's really important, too. All right, let's do this!

Part 3

Honoka: I see! This way, we can Scout all kinds of people!

Honoka: I wonder if we'll meet someone who's really good at singing and dancing, and who will do my homework for me every day?
Umi: Not a chance.
Rin: What kinds of people we'll meet... I can't even imagine.
Honoka: I wonder if there's some kind of trick to Scouting?
Rin: That's right... Maybe if we shouted like this...
Rin: If we do that, then maybe someone good will come!
Umi: Let's leave them be.
Maki: I agree.
Kotori: Ha ha ha...
Hanayo: Pant... pant... Finally... Caught... Up...
Maki: Oh! Are you OK, Hanayo?
Rin: A-Are you all right?
Hanayo: I saw you just now... So I ran to catch up...
Honoka: Sorry, Hanayo! We didn't notice...
Hanayo: It's fine... More importantly! Um... You're here... to help us out, right?
Hanayo: I'm Hanayo Koizumi, and I'm a first-year student!
Kotori: Hanayo knows an awful lot about school idols.
Honoka: Hanayo, is there anything you'd like help with?
Hanayo: T-There is!
Hanayo: With school idols, the Team you've put together for the song is essential.
Hanayo: What kind of group would be best? I think you have to look at it from the outside and think of all the variables.
Umi: That's right. It might be easier to create a group if you look at it from an outsider's perspective.
Hanayo: I'm sorry for asking you do something so complicated, all of the sudden...
Honoka: But I'm sure you'll be fine!
Umi: Well, now you've met all of the first-year members.
Honoka: Yeah! Let's go look for the third-year students now!



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