We are µ's (3rd Years)

Introducing Nico, Nozomi, and Eli!

Part 1

Honoka: Oh, here's Nico. Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'm everyone's favorite idol, Nico!
Kotori: Nico, this person has come to help us out.
Nico: I see. So you brought them to meet the club president first. Smart thinking.
Maki: We met them first...
Nico: In the world of school idols, I am front and center. My name's Nico Yazawa. Remember that.
Rin: You sound like a basketball player or something...
Maki: It's safe to ignore about half of what Nico says.
Nico: ... Ellipses
Kotori: Ha ha ha...
Nico: You! You look like you don't know that much about idols.
Nico: I'll teach you the important stuff... Oh yeah! Like the Leader position!
Nico: It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that the success or failure of a live show falls completely to the Leader.
Hanayo: The Leader position is the star of the team. Depending on the situation, they can completely change the feel of a song.
Honoka: Even in the same Team, you might want to the Leader, depending on the song.
Nico: That's right! For now, you should just go ahead and set me, Nico Yazawa, as the Leader.
Maki: Feel free to ignore her.
Nico: ...Maki! Anger
Honoka: Nico and Maki are always like that.
Umi: Setting that aside, it would be good for you to understand the purpose of the Leader position.
Hanayo: Yeah! Let's study it together!

Part 2

Nico: As you can see, the Leader position is super important. MusicNote

Hanayo: Being in the Leader position is a badge of honor for any idol.
Maki: Well, unlike Nico, I don't really have any interest in being the Leader, so it's fine with me.
Nico: Aha...
Maki: Wh-What?
Nico: This again. I know all about it. The secret song that you're writing a song for the day you finally get to be the Leader. MusicNote
Maki: Hey... Th-there's nothing wrong with that! Exclaimationpoint
Maki: It's absolutely normal to write a song to match the image of the person in the Leader position.
Honoka: Wow, what kind of song is it? I really want to hear it!
Maki: It-It's nothing special...
Umi: I'm interested, too.
Kotori: Me too! I really want to hear it!
Rin: I really want you to play it for me!
Hanayo: With Maki as Leader... It would have to be something really cool!
Maki: Ugh... Forget it!
Honoka: Wait up, Maki!

Honoka: S-Somehow we ended up outside the school while we were chasing after Maki...
Rin: You don't have to run away like that...
Maki: Pfft...
Nozomi: Oh my! Good to see everyone together!
Honoka: Nozomi...
Nozomi: Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Nozomi Tojo, a third-year and vice president of the student council.
Umi: It's impressive that you fund your way here.
Nozomi: It's because I have this.
Rin: Oh, on of your treasured tarot cards!
Nozomi: It says that if I wait here, the person I'm waiting for will come.
Hanayo: That's the spiritual leader of µ's for you...
Nozomi: Are you running the new Member through orientation right now?
Kotori: Yeah. They're getting a lot of experience.
Hanayo: You pick it all up so quickly... It's amazing.
Nico: Well, at least you're not useless.
Nozomi: Well, time to use everything we've learned then.
Nozomi: During a Live Show, you can use Special Skills to appeal to the audience.
Umi: When you use a Special Skill, the atmosphere of a live show will change drastically.
Nozomi: Want to try it out?

Part 3

Kotori: Doing great! MusicNote

Nozomi: Keep in mind, during a Live Show, there won't be many chances to appeal to the audience, so think hard before you decide.
Honoka: I see... How informative...
Umi: You should've known these by now...
Honoka: H-Hey, Umi! I just want to make sure I know how it works!
Umi: (Stare) Ellipses
Honoka: Umm... Sweatdrop
Maki: Rin, too!
Rin: What're you talking about? Sweatdrop
Hanayo: Rin...
Nico: Speaking of which, Nozomi, did Eli say anything to you?
Nozomi: Oh yeah. Eli asked me to come back to the student council room.
Kotori: I wonder why?
Umi: I'd like to introduce you, anyway. Let's head over!
Honoka: Yeah!

Eli: Nice to meet you. I see you're met everyone already.
Honoka: Yeah!
Eli: My name is Eli Ayase. I'm a third-year student and the president of the student council here at Otonokizaka High.
Honoka: Eli isn't just on the student council, she's also a member of µ's.
Hanayo: She's really dependable, so we rely on her!
Maki: She's definitely different from a certain other third-year student.
Nico: What'd you say? Anger
Eli: Please excuse this noisy lot.
Eli: Anyway, thanks for going to all of this trouble for us.
Eli: We're looking forward to working with you.
Rin: Nice to meet you!
Hanayo: If there's anything you don't understand, please feel free to ask.
Nico: At least... try not to hold us back, all right...? Ouch! That hurt, Nozomi!
Nozomi: Take your time. Let's work together!
Maki: Looking forward to it!
Kotori: We talked about a lot of things all in one conversation... Let;s just work on getting better together!
Umi: I hope we can all work together and get better!
Honoka: Hee hee... It's going to get interesting from here on out! Nice to meet you!



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