A Bigger Rehearsal Space!

µ's needs a place to rehearse. Let's sing outside!

Part 1

Honoka: We have to use an empty classroom today too?

Maki: We don't have much choice. They can't let us use the auditorium every time.
Rin: I want to practice somewhere spacious...
Kotori: Yeah, we'd all prefer that...
Umi: Right?
Honoka: All right!
Kotori: ? QuestionMark
Honoka: I'm going to go see if there's a better place we can use!
Umi: Hey, Honoka!
Nozomi: ...No stopping her now.

Hanayo: Yeah. You agree, right, Nico?
Nico: That's right. Back then, everyone thought that group was the center of the idol scene.
Hanayo: Singing, dancing, their looks, everything was amazing. And back then, when live shows were getting more important, their stage presence was just...
Nico: Hm? Isn't that Honoka? QuestionMark
Hanayo: What's she... Honoka!
Honoka: Oh! Hi, Hanayo! Hi, Nico! Exclaimationpoint
Hanayo: We're just headed back to the classroom... What're you doing?
Honoka: Oh... I was just looking around, hoping to find somewhere where we could dance...
Hanayo: Somewhere to dance?
Honoka: Yeah, somewhere bigger than an empty classroom. Somewhere where we can dance to our hearts' content!
Nico: That's right! In an empty classroom, there's not a chance to show all of our charm, I think.
Hanayo: Ha ha ha... But all the fields are being used by the sports clubs...
Nico: There's probably a place we can use off-campus...
Honoka: Oh yeah! You've got a point! Thanks, Nico! Thanks, Hanayo!
Hanayo: Um... I wonder if it'll be all right?

Part 2

Honoka: Ugh... It doesn't look like there's a good place anywhere...

Kotori: Pant... pant...
Kotori: Honoka! Just how far are you going?
Honoka: There isn't really anywhere good inside the school...
Umi: That doesn't mean you can find somewhere outside, though...
Honoka: A place where we could move around as much as we liked would be nice... We're not even going to find one outside, are we?
Nozomi: We'd have to petition the student council for permission to hold activities off school grounds in the first place...
Kotori: That reminds me. What about Eli?
Nozomi: She's probably still in the student council office. When I left the room, she said she had some documents to sort out.
Honoka: All right. Let's ask Eli of she can think about it for us!
Umi: Of course it was going to end up like this...

Honoka: Eli!
Eli: W-What is it?
Honoka: I want to practice somewhere spacious!
Eli: ...What happened?
Umi: Honoka thinks the empty classroom is too small...
Honoka: If it's small, then we'll have all kinds of problems.
Umi: Yeah... Ellipses
Kotori: Could we get permission to use the auditorium?
Eli: It wouldn't be impossible... But it takes a lot to prep that room.
Eli: If you want to use the sound or the lights, it will take time...
Honoka: Yeah... Ellipses
Eli: For now, if you want to practice in a spacious area, what about the courtyard?
Honoka: The courtyard! Can we do that?
Eli: There are other clubs that use it, but I think it should be fine if it's this late in the day.
Umi: Would that work?
Eli: Yeah. Just don't destroy the lawn, all right?
Honoka: Let's go, let's go! Let's go now! MusicNote

Eli: How's this? I think this should be spacious enough...
Honoka: This should be fine! MusicNote
Rin: We can really move around! MusicNote
Honoka: Oh? QuestionMark
(Surroundings): (whisper, whisper...)
Umi: Looks like people are gathering...
Nozomi: They're probably wondering what we're doing.
Nico: What's up?
Hanayo: Did something happen?
Honoka: Oh, you two arrived at just the right time! Exclaimationpoint
Honoka: All right! Since we've got this audience here, why don't we do a song?

Part 3

Rin: I feel great! MusicNote

Hanayo: Live Shows outside are so much fun...
Nico: That's right... Soon, we'll be in packed stadiums...
Honoka: Maki!
Honoka: How was it?
Maki: ...How was what?
Honoka: Moving around as the Leader. It's usually a bit difficult, right?
Honoka: I think it should've been easier to move around here. Was I right?
Maki: W-What? Is that the reason you spent so long looking for a spacious place?
Honoka: That wasn't the only reason. I just wanted to do my best, too.
Maki: ...You're silly.
Honoka: Ah.
Umi: ...That's something you would do, Honoka.
Kotori: I think Maki is thankful, though.
Rin: Honoka... Maki belongs to me, so please don't take her away...
Maki: Since when did I belong to you?
Kotori: Hee hee.



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