µ's Gets Interviewed?!

A local magazine's running a story on µ's!

Part 1

Honoka: Lalalalalalala! MusicNote

Umi: You're in a good mood, Honoka.
Honoka: That's because of the Live Show rehearsal!
Honoka: We've got time until the real thing. We don't usually get the chance to practice in the actual place with real equipment...
Umi: Which reminds me... We usually don't even get the chance to use the auditorium.
Nico: Wh-What!
Umi & Honoka: ? QuestionMark
Nico: A hard-hitting interview with the pure angel of µ's?
Nico: This is my chance!
Nozomi: No, the interview's already over.
Kotori: A sample copy of the town magazine arrived today.
Nico: I didn't hear anything about this!
Nozomi: That's right... You weren't there for it, Nico-cchi.
Nico: That's silly... Who could they possibly interview if it wasn't me?
Kotori: Me.
Hanayo: M-Me.
Nozomi: And me.
Nico: Hey! I don't know about Kotori and Hanayo, but Nozomi, you're the furthest thing from "pure" and "angel", am I right?
Nozomi: Huh? My style may be a bit misleading, but I'm just as pure as everyone else.
Nozomi: Besides, fortune telling is closely linked to the purity of heart.
Nozomi: If you're not pure, then you have a hard time telling fortunes.
Umi: If I recall correctly... fortune telling and religious work are divine callings...
Umi: For example, shrine maidens are taught to strive for purity.
Nozomi: That's right. Shrine maidens seem very "pure". Do you agree they're "pure"?
Nico: Pfft...
Maki: Anyway, isn't she just more suitable than Nico?
Nico: Hey! Fine! I'll show you!
Rin: She left...
Kotori: Now we can't start the rehearsal...
Maki: She'll be back...

Part 2

Nico: I thought we should be careful about media exposure...

Nico: Going and talking to town magazine reporters without me...
Nico: Today the internet is the most of effective way to gain exposure if you just want to focus on the number of people you can reach out to.
Nico: But that doesn't mean that this town magazine, with it's local focus, is inferior to the internet.
Nico: At most, it probably has a few hundred copies printed. But those are likely distributed in the area surrounding Otonokizaka High.
Nico: That means it's an effective means of reaching and building recognition for those living around Otonokizaka High, and also those ages 30 and up.
Nico: Well, at least when I walk through the shopping center, I'll be more likely to hear, "Hey, isn't she..." from housewives out shopping and the clerks assisting them. HeartBubble
Eli: Nico, did you want more exposure?
Nico: Eeeeeeeeeek! Exclaimationpoint
Nico: Was I speaking out loud?
Eli: Yes you were.
Nico: How long were you listening?
Eli: From about "I thought we should be careful..."
Nico: ... Ellipses
Eli: But I've got some good news for you.

Nico: ? QuestionMark

Kotori: Is it about the reporter?
Eli: Yeah, it looks like he wants to do another interview.
Eli: I told him we've got a Live Show rehearsal in the auditorium today, so I think he'll be here shortly.
Eli: He's probably here already.
Nozomi: Eek! That's...
Nico: He's pretty focused.
Nico: I mean, if you only interview Nozomi, Kotori, and Hanayo, then you can't really say you understand µ's, right?
Honoka: Everyone? Are we ready to start the rehearsal?
Nico: All right, let's go! MusicNote
Kotori: Nico's really into it today...

Part 3

Rin: It is really different when you're up on the stage...

Hanayo: I was just a little nervous...
Kotori: Nico! The town magazine reporter asked to interview you.
Nico: He's here!
Nico: All right! With just a little Nico-Nico-Ni, I can win over everyone's hearts. I'm everyone's favorite idol, Nico! MusicNote
Maki: She seems flustered...
Eli: But we should learn from her greedy example. We're school idols, after all.
Honoka: Umi! Kotori! I brought some delicious refreshments that I picked up earlier! Everyone come get some, before they run out!
Umi: Well, I think Honoka's already set.
Kotori: Ha ha ha...
Honoka: ? QuestionMark

--A few days later--
Eli: Oh yeah, the article from before was published.
Nico: Let me see!
Eli: Here.
Kotori: Wow, it's pretty big!
Honoka: That's true!

Umi: Um...
Umi: µ's put on a Live Show at Otonokizaka High...
Umi: The girl in the photo is Nico Yazawa...
Umi: She may be small, but she's full of energy...
Together: ... Ellipses
Nozomi: ...Why is there a cartoon on this page?
Eli: It's a kids article.
Rin: For kids?
Eli: Yeah. It seems they intend to distribute this to kindergartens and nursery schools around Otonokizaka High.
Hanayo: N-Nico?
Maki: Isn't this great? You'll be popular with the kids!
Nico: Waaaaah!



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