Student Council Helpers

The student council supports the student body

Part 1

Rin: Eli and Nozomi are late, huh?

Hanayo: That's right...
Nozomi: Everyone?
Rin: Nozomi?
Nozomi: I have something I need your help with.
Together: ? QuestionMark
Nozomi: Will you come back with me to the student council office?

Nozomi: I'm sorry about all of this.
Hanayo: What's up?
Eli: The truth is... We need some help with the student council duties.
Kotori: Student council duties?
Rin: Sounds interesting!
Maki: What about the other members of the student council?
Eli: That's the thing. Everyone's off sick...
Hanayo: There's a cold going around right now...
Maki: It may be going around, but none of us have caught it yet.
Together: ... Ellipses
Umi: Well, if that's the case, then we have no choice.
Kotori: I'll help.
Honoka: Yeah!
Nozomi: Thanks everyone.
Umi: So, what do you need us to do?
Eli: Sort these documents for me, please.
Eli: Some need to be stamped, and other don't. Do you think you can sort them into piles for me?
Rin: No problem!

--30 minutes later--
Honoka: (looking around restlessly)
Umi: Honoka, pay attention.
Honoka: What... is this?
Kotori: ? QuestionMark
Honoka: Hey, Eli? What is this?
Eli: It's a box for letters to the student council.
Rin: Letters?
Eli: Yeah. If something about school life is bothering you, or you notice something, write it down on paper and put it in the box.
Rin: Huh. I didn't know we had something like that.
Maki: It was explained during orientation.
Rin: O-Oh really? Sweatdrop
Hanayo: What kinds of things are written in the letters?
Eli: You can go ahead and look if you're interested.
Honoka: Really?
Eli: Yes. Reading these letters and helping the students is an important part of the student council's work.
Honoka: All right then...
Honoka: Hmm...
Honoka: The broadcasting room door doesn't close right anymore...
Nozomi: That reminds me... I heard that someone had run into it.
Eli: Maybe that's when it was broken?
Honoka: I can fix it!
Rin: I can help!
Umi: Hey, Honoka!
Maki: Rin!
Kotori: I-I hope they're OK... Sweatdrop

Part 2

Honoka: We fixed it!

Nico: That was fast! Exclaimationpoint
Nozomi: Huh? Really?
Rin: The broadcasting club members were already in the process of fixing it, so we just helped out.
Nico: Oh, OK...
Eli: But it's great that you were able to help out. Thank you.
Rin: Heh heh. MusicNote
Honoka: Next one, next one!
Umi: Don't worry about the letters. You should keep sorting documents.
Honoka: Huh?
Kotori: Ha ha ha... It's OK, we can take care of sorting the documents.
Umi: Hey, Kotori. When you do that, you're just spoiling her.
Honoka: Kotori, you're the best! You get to pick the next mission!
Maki: She's treating these letters like a game...
Kotori: Yeah.
Kotori: Ooh! Um... Th-This one!
Kotori: The music played at lunchtime is just classic, which isn't very interesting. Please play more recent music.
Hanayo: I have to agree...
Maki: There's nothing wrong with classic music.
Nico: You just don't get it. That kind of attitude is why enrollment's been decreasing. You have to manage the school with the needs of the students in mind!
Rin: If that's the case, leave it to us!
Nozomi: ? QuestionMark
Honoka: Just a little while ago, one of the broadcasting club members was saying they wanted to broadcast µ's live shows and the like.
Nozomi: Really? That's interesting.
Rin: I'm headed over there for a bit!

--5 minutes later--
Rin: So tomorrow during lunch, we'll be doing a Live Show!
Maki: That's awful sudden...
Nozomi: Do we have a place for it?
Eli: We'll figure something out...
Nico: All right! Let's captivate the school with our singing voices!
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni!

Part 3

Honoka: Do you think that made everyone happy?

Eli: Happy? Hmm. I think they were more surprised than anything.

Nozomi: I mean, all of the sudden our song started playing .
Kotori: Hee hee, I'm sure that everyone enjoyed it.
Umi: The student council has it tougher than I thought.
Eli: I agree.
Hanayo: But... This way, we've helped the broadcasting club. If we could keep making people happy... That's be wonderful.
Rin: An infinite loop of happiness...
Honoka: And it's all because everyone got sick! It's like every cloud has a silver lining!
Nico: That doesn't seem quite right... Sweatdrop



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