Hanayo's Grand Diet Plan!

Hanayo's worried about her shape. I'm craving rice....

Part 1

Honoka: I'll have strawberry shortcake! MusicNote

Eli: I think I'll have the tiramisu.
Rin: What are you gonna choose, Hanayo?
Hanayo: I-I um...
Hanayo: I don't want any...
Rin: What? What's wrong, Hanayo? Aren't you feeling well? Exclaimationpoint
Hanayo: No, it's not that...
Maki: What's wrong, Hanayo? This isn't like you.
Hanayo: Uh, um... When you compare me to everyone else, I'm a little... Ugh...
Hanayo: Anyway! I thought I'd go on a little diet.
Rin: That isn't anything you have to worry about.
Maki: That's right, Hanayo!
Honoka: Absolutely! You're cute, just the way you are.
Hanayo: B-But! I already decided!
Rin: Hanayo...

Part 2

Umi: I had no idea that she was stressing out that much...

Honoka: I think she's fine.
Maki: That's right. She hasn't noticed it yet, but she has some strengths of her own.
Maki: Being thin comes with its own set of problems.

Nico: Hey! What're you saying? Anger
Eli: Well, I don't think she's going to change her mind just from listening to us talk.
Nico: Hmm...
Honoka: How about we tempt her with sweets to get her to give up on her diet?
Umi: I don't want her to fall into a trap of self-loathing...
Eli: For the time being, how about we help her feel good about herself?
Nozomi: It's the least we could do.
Rin: All right! Let's do a Live Show! Exclaimationpoint
Umi: A Live Show?
Rin: If she notices that she doesn't have the physical stamina to perform well, then she'll stop dieting!
Kotori: Huh...
Nico: Will that go that well?
Rin: It's fine! Leave it to me.

Rin: Hanayo!
Hanayo: Aah! Exclaimationpoint
Rin: I'd like to help you with your diet.
Hanayo: Help me...?
Rin: The best way to lose weight is to exercise!
Rin: So, I've arranged a Live Show! MusicNote
Maki: Actually, that was me.
Rin: MAke sure to work at it harder than ever today! MusicNote
Hanayo: What? Help me! Sweatdrop

Part 3

Hanayo: Pant... pant... That was harder than usual...

Rin: If you slim down, then you won't be able to handle the hard work that goes into live performance, will you?
Rin: So you shouldn't slim down!
Hanayo: Yeah...
Honoka: Hanayo.
Hanayo: ? QuestionMark
Honoka: There's lots of different idols.
Hanayo: ? Lots? QuestionMark
Honoka: Yeah. Even just looking at school idols, there's still a lot of them out there, right?
Hanayo: Ye-yeah, that's right.
Honoka: Our fans come to see us perform, even though there's so many other idols out there. They come to see us.
Honoka: It's really an amazing feeling.
Honoka: It really is. Why would these people come to see us perform? I've been thinking it over.
Maki: Hmm...
Honoka: But in the end, I still don't know.
Kotori: Ha ha ha... Sweatdrop
Honoka: But maybe... They're coming just to see us.
Honoka: Clumsiness, disobedience, shyness, teasing...
Honoka: We roll all that up together and bundle it into µ's...
Honoka: That's the µ's that they're coming to see.
Kotori: Yeah... That's right.
Honoka: That's why...
Honoka: Of course our singing and dancing has to improve. But we don't need to go out of our way to change everything though.
Eli: I agree. I'm sure that your adoring fans know about the Hanayo who loves to eat delicious food, and they love you for it.
Maki: Well, we've already appeared in different media, so you can't change your character now...
Nico: That's right... The world already knows just how adorable I am.
Together: ... Ellipses
Nico: Hey! Why are you ignoring me? Anger
Hanayo: I-I'm much shyer than the rest of you. Is that OK?
Eli: That's part of your personality.
Hanayo: I'm also a little chubby. Is that OK?
Rin: Of course!
Hanayo: And I love to eat as much white rice as I can. Is that OK?
Honoka: Yeah!
Hanayo: Hee hee... Thanks everyone.
Maki: But! You have to keep moderate proportions.
Hanayo: Oh! Sweatdrop
Maki: But I'd be happy to help you keep an eye on it. MusicNote
Eli: Being managed by Maki... That's almost worse than a diet...
Umi: I'd like to pass on that.
Kotori: Um, me too...
Nozomi: Thirded...
Hanayo: Huh? What? Sweatdrop
Hanayo: Help meeee! Sweatdrop



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