Coco Miyashita
Kanji 宮下ココ
School Shinonome Academy
Grade First
Gender Female
Birthday June 2
Blood type A
Height 155cm
Three sizes B85 / W60 / H82
Hobbies Volunteering

Coco Miyashita is a student from Shinonome Academy. She placed 8th in a Love Live SIF N Girls popularity poll. The top three ranking girls in the poll (Emma Verde, Shizuku Osaka, Kanata Konoe) later went on to star in Love Live Perfect Dream Project. There was a small chance for Coco to star in the main cast of PDP, as she ranked in the top 9 girls in the poll, however, the decision was made to create 6 new idols alongside the top 3 winners of the poll.


Coco Miyashita (Normal #2)
Coco2 Max Level: 40 Coco2
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 560 PureIcon 1370 CoolIcon 620
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Coco Miyashita (Normal #260)
Coco260 Max Level: 40 Coco260+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 1510 PureIcon 650 CoolIcon 530
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Coco Miyashita (Normal #704)
Coco704 Max Level: 40 Coco704+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 550 PureIcon 610 CoolIcon 1570
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Coco Miyashita (Normal #856)
Coco856 Max Level: 40 Coco856+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 600 PureIcon 1610 CoolIcon 560
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the Suki Suki Puwa Puwa event.

Side Stories

PureIconSelf-Introduction (#2)

Coco: Hello! I'm Coco Miyashita. MusicNote

Coco: I signed up to participate in school idol activities because I wanted to make people happy.

Coco: Uh... heh heh... I'm so... embarrassed... But it makes me happy if my presence can cheer people up.

Coco: I'm going to do my best, so tell me if you need anything!

SmileIconCoco Returns a Favor (#260)

Coco: Oh no... the show starts soon, but I'm lost! Sweatdrop

Coco: Huh? The stage is over there? QuestionMark

Coco: Oh, thank you so much! You're a nice person.

Coco: To thank you, I'll do something nice for you later.

Coco: Actually, I do volunteer work because I want everyone to be happy. What could I do for you?

Coco: Would watching our show be good?

Coco: Oh, I know! I'll give you this backstage pass.

Coco: With this, you can go backstage whenever you want, so come see me sometime! HeartBubble

CoolIconI Love My Yuri (#704)

Coco: Yuri's so cool... Yuuri's so cute!

Coco: Ack! Whoa, whoa! How long have you been standing there behind me? Exclaimationpoint

Coco: *Giggle* Today's the day that Yuri, Kasane and I get to wear the costumes we designed onstage!

Coco: They're animal parkas with cute little animal ears as accessories.

Coco: I'm sure Yuri will complain about how the ears were unnecessary.

Coco: But I think these costumes bring out both her cool and cute sides at the same time!

Coco: Hee, hee, hee... HeartBubble

Coco: You're seeing a very pleased Coco Miyashita right now. Wish me luck. I'm off to the stage!


Home Screen

  • 元気出していきましょうね♪ (Pure only)
    Let's give it our all! ♪
  • 一緒にボランティアしませんか? (Pure only)
    Do you want to do some volunteer work together?
  • ごほーし、します♪ (Pure only)
    I'll serve you! ♪
  • 優理ちゃんを見かけませんでしたか? どこに行っちゃったのかな~ (Smile only)
    Have you seen Yuuri-chan anywhere? Where did she run off to~?
  • ステージからみなさんの笑顔が見えたとき、言葉に出来ないくらい嬉しくなるんです! (Smile only)
    When I see everyone's smiles from the stage, I become so happy that I'm at a loss for words!
  • この間はクリスマスツリーの着ぐるみを着てたから、ちょっと重かったです。でも頑張っちゃった♪ (Smile only)
    The Christmas tree costume I wore a while back was pretty heavy, but I still gave it my best. ♪

Tapping the Character

  • はわわわわわ~
  • はぁい、なんでもお申し付けを~
    Ye~s, please tell me to do anything you want~


  • ストーリー、是非見てみてください (When there are unread stories)
    Please feel free to read those stories.
  • ライブをするのがよさそうですよ~ (When there are new live stages)
    Doing a live is a good idea~



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