Event tokens are the currency used to play the event song during a Live Show Event (in place of LP). The name (and icon) of the token changes depending on the theme of the event. For example, the token used during the Gather, everyone! Sweet Holiday Kotori's Sweets event is the Macaron.

Acquiring Event Tokens

Event tokens are acquired by hitting special notes that appear in normal Live Shows during an event. Clearing the song will award you with one token for each note on which you scored Bad or higher (i.e. as long as you don't miss it). In general, the maximum obtainable tokens for any given song is the LP cost of the song. Currently, the only exceptions to this are the Hard difficulty songs that cost 15 LP, as you can acquire up to 16 tokens, and for Expert or Hard song that use 25 LP can give you up to 27 tokens, making this the most efficient way of accumulating event tokens during an event.

For example: You have 50 LP at start, if you play:

  • 10 times Easy song with 5 LP cost, you'll get 50 tokens (consume 50 LP)
  • 5 times Normal song with 10 LP cost, you'll get 50 tokens (consume 50 LP)
  • 3 times Hard song with 15 LP cost and 1 Easy song with 5 LP cost, you'll get 53 tokens (consume 50 LP)
  • 2 time Daily Hard song or Expert song with 25 LP cost, you'll get 54 tokens (consume 50 LP)

By increasing the amount of LP you spend on a non-event song, you are able to receive more tokens.

Spending Event Tokens

Event tokens are used to play the event song, which does not use up any LP. The event tokens required to play the event song:

Difficulty Token Cost
Expert / Random Expert 75

Event Tokens

See Live Show Events for a list of all events and their tokens