Haruka Konoe
Kanji 近江遥
School Shinonome Institute
Grade 1
Gender Female
Birthday November 11
Blood type A
Height 154cm
Three sizes B78 / W57 / H80
Hobbies Looking after her older sister

Haruka Konoe is a student from Shinonome Academy. She is the sister of Kanata Konoe. While Haruka did not place in any of the top 9 spots of the N Girls popularity poll, that ultimately brought Emma Verde, Shizuku Osaka, and Kanata Konoe to stardom in “Love Live Perfect Dream Project”, she has been mentioned multiple times by Kanata, as Haruka and Kanata are close together as sisters, and have a strong bond with each other. It is unknown if Haruka will physically appear alongside her sister, Kanata, in the upcoming anime series for LLPDP. It is assumed that she will make small cameos in the series, and the upcoming SIF stories that will be based around LLPDP.


Haruka Konoe (Normal #19)
Haruka19 Max Level: 40 Haruka19+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2140 PureIcon 840 CoolIcon 550
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Haruka Konoe (Normal #457)
Haruka457 Max Level: 40 Haruka457+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 890 PureIcon 460 CoolIcon 2220
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 14.

Haruka Konoe (Normal #546)
Haruka526 Max Level: 40 Haruka526+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 870 PureIcon 2260 CoolIcon 480
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Haruka Konoe (Normal #1106)
Haruka1106 Max Level: 40 Haruka1106+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2300 PureIcon 480 CoolIcon 870
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Haruka Konoe (Normal #1290)
Haruka1290 Max Level: 40 Haruka1290+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 470 PureIcon 880 CoolIcon 2340
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side Stories

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#19)

Haruka: I'm Haruka Konoe. I'm a first-year student and class representative.

Haruka: Being a school idol is great and all... But all the other participants have personality quirks!

Haruka: Of course, I'm going to have to do something about that.

Haruka: ...Hmmm... That's no good... BlueLines

Haruka: But I'm not giving up! Let's do our best!

CoolIconNot Very Ladylike (#457)

Haruka: Geez, sis... Anger

Haruka: Oh, hello! Just give me a sec to finish folding these clothes.

Haruka: My sister's always skipping class. She just makes excuses to hang out in the nurse's office. Totally against the rules, right?

Haruka: And she leaves her clothes strewn all over the place. She's very un-ladylike!

Haruka: Huh? Hey, this is... QuestionMark

Haruka: Matching outfits? I think she got us matching outfits!

Haruka: Oh wow, I'm so happy! Mind if I try it on? MusicNote

Haruka: It's the same outfit in a different color. I need to take extra good care of this. Oh, and I need to thank her! HeartBubble

PureIconA Valentines' Medal (#546)

Haruka: Hmm, that should do it...

Haruka: Huh? It's nearly Valentine's Day, so I'd at least give my sister some chocolates. QuestionMark

Haruka: Actually, I'm not that good at cooking, but did my best today.

Haruka: Coco has been helping me out with most of it. I mustn't poison anyone, after all. Hahaha! BlueLines

Haruka: What!? It doesn't mean I'm in love with my sister!

Haruka: My sister does so much for me everyday, this is just to say thank you... It's kind of like a medal.

Haruka: Stop saying weird stuff. I've got nothing to feel guilty about, but I've broken out in a weird sweat... Sweatdrop

Haruka: Calm down... OK, I'm off to give these to my sister!


Home Screen

  • 遅れちゃダメですよ~? (Smile only)
    Being late is a no-no, okay~?
  • 今日も元気に頑張ります♪ (Smile only)
    I'll give my all today too. ♪
  • ほら、シャキっとしてください! (Smile only)
    Come on now, let's do this properly!
  • 練習をサボっちゃダメですよ? 私、見張ってますっ (Cool only)
    No skipping practice, okay? I'll be keeping watch!
  • 私、料理だけは苦手なんです。うう、女子力…… (Cool only)
    Cooking is the only thing I'm not good at. Uu, this damages my image as a girl...
  • お姉ちゃんには、ちゃんと授業受けないとダメだよって言ってるんだけど…… (Cool only)
    I always tell Onee-chan that she shouldn't be skipping classes, but...
  • お姉ちゃんが毎日朝ごはんを用意してくれるんです。私は果物をむく系♪ (Pure only)
    Onee-chan makes breakfast every day. I just help her peel the fruit. ♪
  • 私たちのステージ、いつもクラスのみんなも観に来てくれるんです。嬉しいなあ (Pure only)
    All of my classmates always come to watch our performances. That makes me happy.
  • お姉ちゃんと理華ちゃんは仲がいいんです。波長が合うのかな? (Pure only)
    Onee-chan and Rika-chan get along well. I guess they're on the same wavelength?

Tapping the Character

  • もう!遊ばないでください~!
    Geez, stop playing around~!
  • 何かご用ですか?
    Do you need me for something?


  • ストーリーを見てみましょう! (When there are unread stories)
    Let's read a story!
  • ライブに行きますよー? (When there are new live stages)
    Let's go do a live.



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