Hitomi Shiga
Kanji 志賀仁美
School Shion Girls Academy
Grade Third
Gender Female
Birthday June 6
Blood type Type B
Height 167cm
Three sizes B89 / W58 / H86
Hobbies Chancing upon strong enemies

Hitomi Shiga is a student at Shion Girls Academy.


Like many N girls, not much is known about Hitomi's backstory. However, she is notable for her involvement with Mikoto Fukuhara and Chizuko Sakamaki. Together, they make up Shion Girl's Academy's Disciplinary Committee Trio, and they seem to be good friends.

Hitomi is the oldest member of the Committee, but she is arguably the most detached from the rules themselves. Instead, she acts as a subversion of Japanese gangster tropes, yet she is ironically in an authoritative position. Her style of rule enforcement is to constantly challenge the strength of others, as opposed to Mikoto's scolding and Chizuko's overwhelming affection.

She is very different to her Committee counterparts, but she seems to care for them enough to take their advice on how to become stronger.


In contrast to her friends' personalities, Hitomi is a standoffish, brooding type of person. She seems to be very single-minded, as she will go to any lengths to improve her strength, even suggesting that the protagonist should forward any 'request for duels' onto her.

She seems to have a complicated relationship with the protagonist, as she often greets them with a sudden attack. Unlike her friends, she seems to encourage people to break the rules, as she sees it as a natural occurrence. She is normally cold and intimidating, but she is shown to have a very bashful side to her personality, especially when she is in a revealing costume.

Humorously, she has occasionally been likened to characters like Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series because of her long, studded trench coat and signature hat.

Hitomi was born on June 6, making her a Gemini. Under her hat, she is revealed to have long black hair with lengthy bangs that sit over her left eye. Hitomi has large golden eyes and pale skin.

Her main attribute is CoolCoolIcon


Hitomi Shiga (Normal #85)
Hitomi85 Max Level: 40 Hitomi85+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 730 PureIcon 590 CoolIcon 2080
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Hitomi Shiga (Normal #258)
Hitomi258 Max Level: 40 Hitomi258+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2180 PureIcon 520 CoolIcon 780
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the Love Is a Mirage event.

Hitomi Shiga (Normal #544)
Hitomi544 Max Level: 40 Hitomi544+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 540 PureIcon 2220 CoolIcon 760
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Hitomi Shiga (Normal #1008)
Hitomi1008 Max Level: 40 Hitomi1008+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 540 PureIcon 760 CoolIcon 2260
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Medley Festival Round 14.

Hitomi Shiga (Normal #1252)
Hitomi1252 Max Level: 40 Hitomi1252+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2300 PureIcon 760 CoolIcon 540
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Companion Match Round 1.

Side Stories

CoolIconSelf-Introduction (#85)

Hitomi: Hiyaa! Exclaimationpoint

Hitomi: Wow... You're pretty good yourself.

Hitomi: I'm Hitomi Shiga. Most people call me "Jin," or they call me "Boss."

Hitomi: You can probably tell from the armband, but I'm a member of the disciplinary committee.

Hitomi: You have to use power to enforce the rules. That's why I hit you earlier.

Hitomi: Hey, loosen up. Everyone gives in and breaks the rules at some point in their life.

Hitomi: You might even decide to misbehave in the next minute. That's just a reminder to keep in line.

Hitomi: I think I could have fun with you. Be sure to keep Practicing.

SmileIconThe Mightiest Arsenal (#258)

Hitomi: Hey there. It's been a while. Training hard?

Hitomi: This? This is a weapon for demon slaying. With it, I can maintain school discipline while fighting demons.

Hitomi: Still, apparently demons are quite strong. I'd love to trade blows one someday.

Hitomi: What!? You have the ideal equipment for that? Exclaimationpoint

Hitomi: Please! Let me try it!

Hitomi: Ahh... so this is the mightiest! HeartBubble

Hitomi: For such strong armor, it doesn't cover much of the body. Sweatdrop

Hitomi: Strength isn't decided by surface area? Ha, you make a good point! Now come with me to the isle of demons!

PureIconNew Armor (#544)

Hitomi: Hiiii-yaaaa!

Hitomi: Hmm, trust you to dodge my attack. Have you been training as well?

Hitomi: My friend made me some new equipment. I'm going to pick it up today, so you come along too. MusicNote

Hitomi: I asked for something that would let me defeat any opponent. I can't wait!

Hitomi: Wh-What are these clothes? I can't fight someone dressed like this! Sweatdrop

Hitomi: Oh... a piece of paper fell out...

Hitomi: Hitomi, I need you to learn more about what love is. Here is some White Day love candy for you to give to people... What the...!?

Hitomi: Tsk! Babbling on about love and stuff while breaking school rules. It has to be her. Come, we must get her! Anger

CoolIconNAME (#1008)



Home Screen

  • この世界を支配するもの……それは力だ.
    What reigns supreme in this world... is power.. (Cool)
  • また、風紀を守れなかった……
    I wasn't able to protect public morals again... (Cool)
  • いくぞ。新たな敵向かって.
    Let's go and face new enemies.. (Cool)

When Tapped

  • フ……中々いい拳を持っているな
    Phew... Not a bad pair of fists you've got there. (Cool)
  • 決闘の申*し込みなら委員会を通してくれ
    If you receive a request to duel, please pass it on to the committee.. (Cool)



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