Kasane Hasekura
School Shinonome Academy
Grade Second-year
Gender Female
Birthday December 12
Blood type O
Height 161cm
Three sizes B84 / W57 / H80
Hobbies Cosplay

Kasane Hasekura is a student from Shinonome Academy. She placed 6th in a Love Live SIF N Girls popularity poll. The top three ranking girls in the poll (Emma Verde, Shizuku Osaka, Kanata Konoe) later went on to star in Love Live Perfect Dream Project. There was a small chance for Kasane to star in the main cast of PDP, as she ranked in the top 9 girls in the poll, however, the decision was made to create 6 new idols alongside the top 3 winners of the poll.


Kasane Hasekura (Normal #22)
Kasane22 Max Level: 40 Kasane22+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2560 PureIcon 1040 CoolIcon 730
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Kasane Hasekura (Normal #191)
Kasane191 Max Level: 40 Kasane191+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1110 PureIcon 2630 CoolIcon 630
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Kasane Hasekura (Normal #676)
Kasane676 Max Level: 40 Kasane676+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1050 PureIcon 690 CoolIcon 2670
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the Medley Festival Round 6.

Kasane Hasekura (Normal #1128)
Kasane1128 Max Level: 40 Kasane1128+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2710 PureIcon 690 CoolIcon 1050
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Kasane Hasekura (Normal #1167)
Kasane1167 Max Level: 40 Kasane1167+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 690 PureIcon 2750 CoolIcon 1050
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Adventure Stroll Episode 1.

Side Stories

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#22)

Kasane: Kasane Hasekura, second-year!

Kasane: In the interest of opening myself up to new experiences, I decided to become a school idol!

Kasane: I've made a lot of my own clothes, so it's really refreshing to wear something made by someone else!

Kasane: Yeah. Wearing clothes like this and dancing is wonderful. MusicNote

Kasane: I'd like to try it in a bunch of different clothes and see! Nice to meet you!

PureIconShiny Red Nose (#191)

Kasane: Merry Christmas! It's been a ling time since I last saw you. I'm Kasane. MusicNote

Kasane: Today, I'm dressed as a reindeer. I think it turned out pretty cute. How about you? What do you think?

Kasane: I've been workind on it bit by bit since autumn, and I just finished it.

Kasane: I was debating whether to add a red nose. Since I'm a school idol now, I figured I should hold back.

Kasane: I even made a collar, so I think I can officially call this complete. Would you do some Santa cosplay with me? MusicNote

Kasane: Oh... But I already asked Mizuki to dress up as Santa Claus Exclaimationpoint

Kasane: What to do with you, then... Maybe... Maybe you can carry a bag of presents? QuestionMark

Kasane: Ha, ha, ha! I'm joking! If I hurried and made another reindeer costume, would you be a reindeer with me? MusicNote

CoolIconFate! (#676)

Kasane: Yo! I had a feeling I wad gonna run into you here.

Kasane: It's all well and good to make plans to meet up, but wen you just bump into someone at a festival, it feels more like fate, know what I mean? MusicNote

Kasane: Ha, ha! Was that too over the top? My bad, my bad.

Kasane: I'm supposed to sing at our performance later on. There's a ton of people here, so I'm really psyched up!

Kasane: And if you don't believe me, here's the proof! Behold my cotton candy dress!

Kasane: I knew the fluffy look would be really cute, but I didn't want to be too hot, so I used less fur. I want to be able to wear these outfits for a long, long time!

Kasane: Wearing this dress is giving me craving for the real thing.

Kasane: Hey, I know! Wait for me after the show's over. We'll go grab some cotton candy together! MusicNote



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