Live Points or LP for short, is what you spend in the game to play songs.

Obtaining LP

LP is generally obtained via passing time; 6 minutes will recover 1 LP (for quick calculations, if you need, just remember in 1 hour, 10 LP recovers.) Note: You will not recover LP by time if your bar is full or overflowed. Other ways of gaining LP are:

LP Reward
LP Reward
LP as a reward in a Challenge Festival.
  • Reaching a new Level increases your LP by your new maximum LP

Spending LP

LP is spent to play songs that are not Token Event songs, which take tokens instead. To spend LP, you play a song, and it will drain it depending on its LP requirement.

Easy Songs: 5 LP per song

Normal Songs: 10 LP per song

Hard Songs: 15 LP per song

Expert/Super Hard Songs: 25 LP per song

Master Songs: 25 LP per song