Most wikis have a guide of what is expected of those who contribute. Here is detailed some of the expectations of edits on this wiki.


It is very important that you use the language used in the English version of the game. Do not add any information that isn't currently available for the English version even if it is available in the Japanese version.

All cards should be saved with a certain name style. For unidolized cards, it should be: NAMEnumber.(extension) and for idolized cards: NAMEnumber+.(extension)

For example: riko892.png and riko892+.png. This is important so these images can be easily accessed in any location on the wiki.

Idol Pages

Every page for the main girls should include: Background and Personality. Background is a brief few sentence about the girl, perhaps her role in the group and her interests. Personality should include relevant information about her temperament. This portion should not be too in depth because there is a link on the page that leads to the Love Live! main wiki that will give more detail. Since girls from other schools (N girls) don't have as much details in game or otherwise, they don't need these headings, but still should have a few sentences detailing as best as possible.