Mikoto Fukuhara
Kanji 福原命
Romaji Fukuhara Mikoto
School Shion Girls Academy
Grade First-year
Gender Female
Birthday November 5 (Scorpio)
Blood type A
Height 147cm
Three sizes B68/W52/H71
Hobbies Does not have the time for hobbies
Club Disciplinary committee

Mikoto Fukuhara is a student at Shion Girls Academy. Her main attribute is SmileSmileIcon.


Like many N girls, not much is known about Mikoto's backstory. However, she is notable for her involvement with Chizuko Sakamaki and Hitomi Shiga. Together, they make up Shion Girl's Academy's Disciplinary Committee Trio, and they seem to be good friends.

Despite being the youngest member of the Committee, Mikoto is clearly the most dedicated to enforcing rules around the school. She is constantly searching for the other members, as Hitomi 'randomly hits people,' and Chizuko 'hugs everyone.'

Though they are very different, Mikoto seems to care enough for them to track them down whenever she can.


In contrast to her friends' personalities, Mikoto is a direct and strict girl who is passionate about maintaining order in her school, going so far as to act as a traffic warden and dressing in a police outfit.

Mikoto has the most traditional way of doling out punishment for rule-breakers. She will confront them quickly, and set them on the right path. She seems to be on friendly terms with the protagonist, despite scolding them on occasion.

Although she is strict, she seems to have a more playful side to her personality. She is often cheery when the school is more obedient. She exclaims that she is happy when there are 'fewer violations of school rules and fewer students skipping classes' and says that this is how school life should be. She is also willing to do many activities with classmates, such as being a magician's assistant for a show and doing idol work casually.

Oddly, Mikoto will repay favours done for her by the protagonist with "Bottled Happiness" of the year, i.e. "Bottled Happiness 2017." The protagonist is not privy to what these bottles contain, nor does Mikoto elaborate.

Mikoto was born on November 5, making her a Scorpio. She has short pale brown hair that is almost always worn in two small pigtails. Mikoto has dark brown eyes and a round, small face. She is one of the shortest N girls alongside Mutsuki Takamagahara. This appears to be an insecurity of hers, as she is willing to conduct experiments with Mutsuki to become taller.



Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #89)
Mikoto89 Max Level: 40 Mikoto89+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2180 PureIcon 750 CoolIcon 1170
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the The Best Version of Me event.

Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #281)
Mikoto281 Max Level: 40 Mikoto281+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1240 PureIcon 2250 CoolIcon 650
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 7.

Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #630)
Mikoto630 Max Level: 40 Mikoto630+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1220 PureIcon 670 CoolIcon 2290
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #986)
Mikoto986 Max Level: 40 Mikoto986+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2330 PureIcon 1220 CoolIcon 670
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Challenge Festival Round 4.

Super Super Rare

Mikoto Fukuhara (Super Super Rare #1607)
Mikoto1607 Max Level: 90 Mikoto1607+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 4160 PureIcon 2950 CoolIcon 3920
Appeal: Rhythmical Charm
For every 17 Combo, there's a 36% chance you'll gain 200 Score points.
Center Skill: Smile Energy
Smile pts. up by 4%

Initially awarded as a prize during Challenge Festival Round 11.

Side Stories

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#89)

Mikoto: Hey you! Have you seen a couple of students acting suspicious? Exclaimationpoint

Mikoto: They're both wearing disciplinary committee armbands... Oh! I'm sorry, I haven't even introduced myself yet!

Mikoto: I'm Mikoto Fukuhara. I just started here, but I'm on the disciplinary committee.

Mikoto: Right now, I'm looking for the two black sheep of the disciplinary committee...

Mikoto: Those two... One just randomly hits people, the other hugs everyone... Seriously! They're the ones breaking the rules!

Mikoto: Have you seen them? If you find them, the disciplinary committee will give you this "Bottled Happiness 2014" as a toke of our gratitude.

Mikoto: If you see them, please let me know right away! Right away! I mean it!

PureIconUnacceptable! (#281)

Mikoto: Beep-beep! You there! Exclaimationpoint

Mikoto: Huh? I've met you before, right? QuestionMark

Mikoto: As part of my duties on the disciplinary committee, I'm giving information on traffic rules and manners.

Mikoto: That aside, the way you used that crosswalk was unacceptable. That angle... what did you think the white lines were for? Anger

Mikoto: Please cross in a straight line. And carry this flag as you do to be even more safe!

Mikoto: I'll lead, so follow me. This way, now!

Mikoto: Alright! Total compliance with traffic rules. Since you worked so hard, I have a present for you.

Mikoto: It's a "2014 Bottled Gratitude"! Don't ask what's in it. Please continue to follow traffic rules, and remember: safety first!

CoolIconA Bottle of Gratitude (#630)

Mikoto: This way, Mr. Pigeon!

Mikoto: Welcome, and thank you for attending the Magic Show! Today we're doing something different from our usual shows and putting on a spectacular magic performance! MusicNote

Mikoto: Huh? Oh, no, I'm just an assistant. Given how everybody in this club is so free-spirited, someone's gotta be the one to reel them in. Sweatdrop

Mikoto: Now Mr. Pigeon, Akira needs you for her next trick. Step out of your cage.

Mikoto: Ack! He flew away! Exclaimationpoint

Mikoto: Oh, no! We've gotta catch him before he gets out of the school building!

Mikoto: You'll give me a hand, won't you? I've got a bottle of "2016 Bottled Gratitude" as a reward.

Mikoto: You've got until Akira's show starts. Let's start with some bird calls! MusicNote

SmileIconNAME (#986)




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