Shizuku Osaka
Kanji 桜坂しずく
School Seiran High School (formerly)
Nijigasaki High School
Grade First-Year
Gender Female
Birthday April 3 (Aries)
Blood type A
Height 157cm

Shizuku Osaka is a student at Seiran High School. In 2017, it is confirmed Shizuku Osaka now attends Nijigasaki High School along with Emma Verde and Kanata Konoe.



Shizuku Osaka (Normal #1)
Shizuku1 Max Level: 40 Shizuku1+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1340 PureIcon 690 CoolIcon 500
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Shizuku Osaka (Normal #188)
Shizuku188 Max Level: 40 Shizuku188+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 710 PureIcon 490 CoolIcon 1470
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the Innocent Declaration! event.

Shizuku Osaka (Normal #721)
Shizuku721 Max Level: 40 Shizuku721+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 670 PureIcon 1510 CoolIcon 530
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Shizuku Osaka (Normal #958)
Shizuku958 Max Level: 40 Shizuku958+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 1550 PureIcon 510 CoolIcon 690
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 21.

Super Rares

Shizuku Osaka (Super Rare #1514)
Shizuku1514 Max Level: 80 Shizuku1514+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 2930 PureIcon 2540 CoolIcon 4180
Appeal: Total Yell
For every 20 Rhythm Icons, there's a 36% chance you'll recover Stamina by 1.
Center Skill: Cool Heart
Cool pts. up by 6%

Side Stories

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#1)

Shizuku: Thanks for all your support! I'm Shizuku Osaka. MusicNote

Shizuku: I'm a member of the theater club at school.

Shizuku: I signed up to participate in school idol activities because I thought it would help me in my drama studies, but...

Shizuku: Singing and dancing as a school idol is actually pretty difficult.

Shizuku: But I'm learning how to keep my composure on stage, and I feel like my acting is improving!

Shizuku: I'm going to work as hard as I can from now on. I'm looking forward to working with you. MusicNote

CoolIconOld School Romance (#188)

Shizuku: The rain's cold today.

Shizuku: Oh, this isn't good... My hands are all cold and wet from the rain.

Shizuku: Would... Would you please use your hands to help warm mine up?

Shizuku: I'm happy... Your warmth is my support.

Shizuku: Hee hee... What do you think? Our next play is going to be a romance set in the 1920's. MusicNote

Shizuku: The culture and day-to-day life back then had this amazing atmosphere. It was beautiful...

Shizuku: But I think that the happiness that comes from talking to someone you like, and the desire to get to know them, hasn't really changed between then and now.

Shizuku: Please come and watch one of our plays sometime! I'd like to get the chance to know you better... MusicNote

PureIconMany Sides of Me (#721)

Shizuku: As I am now, I am not fit to say a single word to thee.

Shizuku: Ahh, how I long for thee... I stand alone, forlorn beneath a smattering of stars this eve.

Shizuku: Oh! I didn't know you were coming. Our show this time is a medieval European play set in a royal court. Exclaimationpoint

Shizuku: They lived a totally different lifestyle back then. I want to bone up on my reference material while I've got the chance.

Shizuku: I may look like I'm off in La-La Land, but I'm totally thinking as hard as I can.

Shizuku: I want to show a different side of myself during the performance this time. Make sure you come see the show! MusicNote

Shizuku: Also, I'm talking to everyone about using the costumes and sets from the play to make a school idol movie, too!

Shizuku: I can't wait to sing along and dance with the gang! When the movie's done, I'll bring the first copy to you. You're gonna love it. HeartBubble

SmileIconHow I Feel Right Now (#958)

Shizuku: Hello there! I just wrapped up drama club rehearsal and now I'm about to go practice for our next live show.

Shizuku: Wait! Please don't leave. I'll hurry and change clothes. Sweatdrop

Shizuku: *Chuckle* What do you think? This is my outfit for the next live show! MusicNote

Shizuku: I wanted to be a school idol because I thought it would help improve my acting.

Shizuku: There are a lot of similarities between drama club and school idol club, but there are differences, too.

Shizuku: In acting, your job is to become the role you're given and play the part. But as a school idol, it's your own feelings that are important, not character's.

Shizuku: After so many practice sessions, I've realized that I'm no longer playing the part of a school idol. I actually want to be one.

Shizuku: I think everyone in the club feels that way. I'm going to keep practicing hard so that my feelings always come across at every show! MusicNote


Home Screen

  • ふぅ……い、いえ!まだまだ大丈夫です! (Smile only)
    Fuu... A-Ah! I'm still okay!
  • ふふ♪一緒にがんばりましょうね! (Smile only)
    Hehe. ♪ Let's do our best together!
  • 今日もよろしくお願いします♪ (Smile only)
    I'll be counting on you today too! ♪
  • 今日も練習頑張ります!あとで一緒に休憩しましょう♪ (Cool only)
    I'll do my best at practice today too! Let's go take a break together later. ♪
  • あ、あの、演劇の練習を手伝ってもらえませんか?相手役がいた方が、私も本気になれるから…… (Cool only)
    U-Umm, could you help me rehearse for a play? I do better when I have someone playing the other roles...
  • 演劇って楽しいですよ♪今度は男装にも挑戦してみようかな? (Cool only)
    Theater is so much fun. ♪ Maybe I'll try playing a male role next time.

Tapping the Character

  • はい!何かありましたか?
    Yes! Is something the matter?
  • なんでしょうか?
    What is it?


  • ストーリーを見てみましょう♪ (When there are unread stories)
    Let's read some stories. ♪
  • ライブをしてみませんか? (When there are new live stages)
    Why not try a live?



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