Shun Kurosaki
Kanji 黒崎隼
School Touou Academy
Grade 2nd Year
Gender Female
Birthday June 15
Blood type Type O
Height 163cm
Three sizes B82 / W58 / H83
Hobbies Playing with Tarou

Shun Kurosaki is a student at Touou Academy.


Shun Kurosaki (Normal #69)
Shun69 Max Level: 40 Shun69+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2170 PureIcon 640 CoolIcon 840
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Shun Kurosaki (Normal #215)
Shun215 Max Level: 40 Shun215+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 850 PureIcon 2240 CoolIcon 600
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 4.

Shun Kurosaki (Normal #783)
Shun783 Max Level: 40 Shun783+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 770 PureIcon 680 CoolIcon 2280
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Shun Kurosaki (Normal #1026)
Shun1026 Max Level: 40 Shun1026+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2320 PureIcon 770 CoolIcon 680
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Shun Kurosaki (Normal #1364)
Shun1364 Max Level: 40 Shun1364+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 670 PureIcon 2360 CoolIcon 780
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side Stories

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#69)

Shun: Hello! I'm Shun Kurosaki.

Shun: Hobbies? ...Probably horseback riding.

Shun: I've loved riding horses since I was little. I probably would've ridden a horse to school if they'd let me!

Shun: That's right! Allow me to introduce my pal Taro here. Exclaimationpoint

Shun: I'll even let you ride him! It's a great feeling!

Shun: Hee hee, I can't wait to see your reaction. MusicNote

PureIconTaro's Endorsement? (#215)

Shun: Hi, Happy New Year! All the best this year! MusicNote

Shun: Sorry for making you come all the way to the riding club, but I just had to show you my horse, Taro!

Taro: La la la...

Shun: There we...go! Hee hee... look in the bucket! I got lots of nice carrots as a New Year's celebration!

Shun: Want to try giving him a carrot? It's okay, Taro is a good boy. Oh, just don't stand behind him.

Shun: Yeah... okay, you're good! Taro doesn't seem nervous at all, either! I'm so glad! MusicNote

Shun: Next, put on this helmet, then give me your hand.. If we ride together it's not scary, it's fun!

Shun: See? Riding a horse is a nice change, right? Heehee, I think Taro likes you, too.

Taro: La la la...

Shun: Hmm... I think it's gonna be a good year! I hope that we can spend a lot of time together. We can, right?

CoolIconSerious! (#783)

Shun: Out with the demons! In with the school idols!

Shun: That oughtta do it. That should ensure peace and tranquility for the club for a whole year, right? MusicNote

Shun: After this, I'm going to the elementary school with Ryo Aikawa. Why don't you come with us? The more, the merrier!

Shun: Okay, listen up. You, Ryo, and I are going to be.. The demons!

Shun: The kids are gonna be throwing beans at us with all their might, so make sure to take them head on. And try to scare them a little!

Shun: They're gonna be trying to take us down quickly, so make sure you put up a good fight.

Shun: It'll be more fun if we take it seriously, too. The kids'll definitely remember this for years to come.

Shun: I always take things seriously! And ever since I became a school idol, that feeling's only gotten stronger. Now let's go give those kids a day they won't forget! MusicNote

SmileIcon Deepening Bonds (#1026)

Shun: One, two, three, four... Maybe I should try to get my legs up a little higher there...

Shun: Hi! It's been ages! Did you come to watch us practice?

Shun: Hee, hee. I'm so happy! Normally we just kinda hang out, but I was just thinking how I'd love for you to come see me onstage. MusicNote

Shun: There's an event right around the corner. You should totally come! Our show is gonna be awesome.

Shun: Lately I feel like I've bonded with the other members. Not that we didn't get along before. Ellipses

Shun: Just that we've been spending time together outside of club activities. I can tell how everyone's feeling now.

Shun: Oh, that's right. Even Fumi, who's a huge introvert, is beginning to contribute by voicing her opinion. I can't let her show me up! Hee, hee.

Shun: And on that note, I'll send you a ticket to our next show. Come and cheer for us, okay? I promise we won't disappoint. MusicNote



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