Side Stories

Honoka Kosaka

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer... (Rare #28)

Honoka: I have to help out a lot at my family's shop during summer break.

Honoka: We get especially busy around the equinox. That's when I have to help make coated rice balls.

Honoka: This is the first time I've been a school idol. There's practice and lots of other things I can't do at home. So I help around the shop when I have time.

Honoka: You should come by sometime. You need to try one of my homemade coated rice balls. MusicNote

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #37)

Honoka: If I could use magic? That's a tough one.

Honoka: I'd have to go with teleportation!

Honoka: That way, you can just sleep in really late and arrive at school that instant you leave the house!

Honoka: Heehee... I'd take you along with me. MusicNote

Honoka: You don't need it, because you have no trouble waking up?

Honoka: Really... You should try sleeping in like me! Sweatdrop

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #46)

Honoka: If I could anywhere... So many place... How about an amusement park! What do you think?

Honoka: It's be like a date then, right?

Honoka: Going along with you... That would be the best. HeartBubble

Honoka: Cotton candy... The ferris wheel... And roller coasters, of course! There's so many different attractions to try!

Honoka: ...That's my secret dream! MusicNote

SmileIconWhat I Like (Rare #284)

Honoka: Ta-da! Now we begin Honoka's Special Quiz! MusicNote

Honoka: Here's our first question. First, name something I like. Can you guess?

Honoka: Singing? Good one! I do like to sing, but I'm looking for more. MusicNote

Honoka: Dancing? Yes, I love to dance, too. Anything else? MusicNote

Honoka: What!? I-I don't particularly like stumbling. It's just something I do a lot. Sweatdrop

Honoka: Can't think of anything else? Then I'll give you the correct answer.

Honoka: What I like was supposed to be... eating bread!!!

Honoka: Huh? That's a food I like, rather than a thing? QuestionMark

Honoka: I-It is?? Hmm, that what do I... oh, that's it, also collecting stickers.

Honoka: What kind of stickers? Come over to my place and I'll show you my collection! 

SmileIconSmall Miracles (Rare #298)

Honoka: Small miracles? Of course, like how I'm a school idol in µ's!

Honoka: My whole life, I had never thought to try becoming an idol, so it's really miraculous.

Honoka: I'm glad I asked Umi and Kotori to try with me. We were all inexperienced, but I was sure it would go well. MusicNote

Honoka: Oh, but that's not really a small miracle. I think it's more like a really, really big one.

Honoka: So as for small miracles, hmm. QuestionMark

Honoka: Oh! Maki gave me some foreign-looking bread that was all melty and delicious. I think that fits!

Honoka: Finding a new, tasty bread, that's my small miracle!

Honoka: With miracles this small, I should get about one month, right? That's pretty good value. 

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #334)

Honoka: Heya! Heading home?

Honoka: I was just heading home too. Let's go together.

Honoka: It already feels totally like winter. I love it when the leaves have fallen have fallen and you can see so much of the sky.

Honoka: We could play if it snowed, but it doesn't really do that much around here.

Honoka: When it snows I'll make snowmen with Kotori and have a snowball fight with Umi. I also want to go sledding with Rin. MusicNote

Honoka: I mean, I love playing in the snow, but I also love looking out of the window at night as it falls.

Honoka: It's just so beautiful when the little white flakes come fluttering down! MusicNote

Honoka: And it's a little exciting to think about whether anyone else is watching the same snow, and if you're watching it together.

Honoka: Nobody ever says, "did you see the snow yesterday?" though. So I just wonder to myself.

Honoka: Hehehe. That's why I'm just a little different than usual when it snows. I just hope it snows soon! MusicNote

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #430)

Honoka: What do I wish for my future? Hmm...

Honoka: Honestly, singing and dancing with µ's every day is pretty much a dream come true.

Honoka: If I had one wish, it would be for these days to go on forever!

Honoka: But that's not really a wish for the future, is it?

Honoka: Okay, how about this: I wish for every µ's fan to understand how grateful we are for their support. MusicNote

Honoka: I wish for the chance to tell every single one of them. I'm just not sure that's possible.

Honoka: I hope we put on shows in lots of different places and sing our songs for lots of different people.

Honoka: I want me gratitude to come out in every word I sing.

Honoka: It's not that I don't do that already. i just feel there's so much more gratitude I can express!

Honoka: And the only way to make that happen is to keep practicing until my feelings come through every time. I'll work extra hard today! MusicNote

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #494)

Honoka: Man, the ocean really is the source of all life!

Honoka: Well, like, all living creatures came from the ocean, and return there when they die, right?

Honoka: Hmm? I'm acting way too jolly? Hehe, actually I had a really great dream last night. QuestionMark

Honoka: You're not gonna believe this. I dreamt that I riding on a floating whale! MusicNote

Honoka: And while I was riding him, he jumped way up in the sky!

Honoka: He jumped so high I was within arm's reach of a huge rainbow! And then... Then I woke up.

Honoka: Isn't that awesome? I bet I'm the only person in the world to experience that.

Honoka: Sure, it was only a dream... *Giggle*... But it was so fun! Sweatdrop

Honoka: A good dream is the best way to kick off a good day!

Honoka: Since I'm in such a good mood, I think I'll run all the way to school. You better try your best, or I'll leave you in the dust! MusicNote

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #679)

Honoka: A different version of myself? Well, I do have an ideal version of a school idol.

Honoka: Namely, what I call the "responsible school idol!" MusicNote

Honoka: Umi, Eli, and Kotori are perfect examples. They really have their acts together!

Honoka: I want to follow their examples and be responsible, too.

Honoka: I've tired my best not to be careless or lazy, but there have been times I've roped everyone into doing things my way. Sweatdrop

Honoka: I want to take more responsibility for my actions, and be someone everyone will trust.

Honoka: Because, well... I can kinda tell how little faith people have in me sometimes. He, ha, ha... BlueLines

Honoka: I want to be someone people will feel comfortable following. You know what? I'm just gonna do my best to be that ideal school idol!

PureIconShining So Bright (Rare #749)

Honoka: Something I like that shines bright? Oh, I love shiny things!

Honoka: Hang on a sec. Ah, here it is. Check out how sparkly this eraser is. Isn't it pretty? MusicNote

Honoka: And this is a pen with sparkly ink. I usually conk out pretty quickly once class starts, so there's plenty of ink left. Ha, ha...

Honoka: What else do I have... AH-ha! Bread with a shiny sticker inside the packaging! Definitely can't ignore that. Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: I really want this one specific sticker, so Nozomi taught me how to awaken my x-ray vision, but I still can't get it to work.

Honoka: Huh? Wh-What do you mane, "I need to grow up"!? QuestionMark

Honoka: Wait... Did you ask everyone else in µ's that same question? Was everyone else's answers cooler than mine?

Honoka: Oh, no. Something cool that shines bright... Umm... C'mon, tell me something that's bright, shiny, and cool!Sweatdrop 

Eli Ayase

SmileIconSummertime is... (Rare #29)

Eli: I have student council activities to perform over summer break, too. I help out locally and prepare for the new school term.

Eli: Huh? You say it's sad because it's finally summer break but I don't take time off? That's right. I mean, I guess that's one way of looking at it. QuestionMark

Eli: But if you're going to come visit me like this, then I don't think I see anything wrong with it.

Eli: Do you think that you could come see me evert day, starting tomorrow?

Eli: Just kidding! Oh, hey. I've got a better idea. How about you join the student council? If you did that, then we'd be together every day. MusicNote

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #38)

Eli: Come to think of it, I wonder what all the students think about school in general. I'd love to read their minds.

Eli: Listening to different opinions... I bet I'd hear lots of ideas on how to improve school life for all the students.

Eli: But if that's the case, then maybe it'd just best better to have a magical "make the school better for everyone" spell or something... QuestionMark

Eli: Then I would spend less time on the student council... and more time with you... MusicNote

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #47)

Eli: Maybe Russia, where my grandmother is.

Eli: It's kind of far away, so it's not that easy to get to. But the scenery's beautiful, and it's just a wonderful place. MusicNote

Eli: Oh, and the food is delicious too.

Eli: Especially pelmeni my grandmother makes. They're my favorite. They're so amazing.

Eli: I'd love to treat you to some!

CoolIconWhat I Like (Rare #285)

Eli: My likes... maybe making accessories?

Eli: I'm not very good at sewing, but I'm actually surprisingly good with tools like these. Weird, huh?

Eli: I like how the accessories I make show my character, and how you can change them based on your mood each day. MusicNote

Eli: On days I want to spend quietly, I just use one natural stone, and on days I want to be powerful, I go with a dramatic long necklace.

Eli: What's more, the craft shop is really trendy, and just shopping there is exciting.

Eli: Come with me next time! It would be even better if you gave me feedback while I was there.

Eli: What items do I recommend? Well... if you keep it simple, and add one major accent, it'll be nice and consistent.

Eli: For that matter, I saw some cute, blonde Matryoshka doll parts there last week.

Eli: I just know those would be cute on a bracelet or a backpack charm.

Eli: Hehe, you're in, right? We should go soon! HeartBubble

CoolIconSmall Miracles (Rare #299)

Eli: What was miraculous to me? Meeting everybody, I guess?

Eli: I mean, I never imagined each day could be so much fun.

Eli: Practicing hard together, wanting to improve, and laughing about stupid stuff together...

Eli: should it all be this much fun? Every day is so satisfying that I really wonder.

Eli: If we keep it up forever, it might not always be fun.

Eli: But even so, if we're together, I think we're strong enough to get through anything.

Eli: I hope we can stay together forever.

Eli: Stick with us in µ's, okay? MusicNote 

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #335)
Eli: What a coincidence. I was just heading home, too.

Eli: I don't mind walking alone to have some time to think to myself,

Eli: but I'm always happy to run into you. Hehe. MusicNote

Eli: It's easy to become lazy in winter, but you're not just lying around in bed every day, are you?

Eli: Yeah. I'm glad to hear that. It's a waste to just sit around all winter.

Eli: There are a lot of nice days in winter, so we should hang out a lot. MusicNote

Eli: We've still got to study, though.

Eli: Hehe, you're cute when you lose your cool.

Eli: Let's go to the library later. No chatter, okay? We're finishing all our studying done in one push.

Eli: Then we can cook up a plan to go somewhere! Sound good?

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #431)

Eli: What do I wish for? Hmm...

Eli: For Otonokizaka to not be shut down. We've put so much into this school so far, which I guess is why it's still open, but yeah...

Eli: Is suppose if we're going to dream bigger... Instead of wishing the school not to shut down, I'd wish for a lot more new students to enroll.

Eli: Hanayo and the other freshmen are all in one single classroom. We need more students. It's be fun with at least FIVE more classes worth!

Eli: The school would be more lively, the clubs and sports teams, and school in general would be more fulfilling.

Eli: Plus if more students attended the school, there'd be more community events, and that would mean more chances for µ's to perform! MusicNote

Eli: I know high school is only three years out of a whole lifetime. I want to make those three years so special they can change that lifetime for the better!

Eli: I'll continue to do everything I can to make my dream a reality.

Eli: I think the most important thing is to get people to enroll is make sure each individual student has a fun, productive high school life.

Eli: This isn't just some problem for the student council or µ's to solve. This is about making each day fun! I'm sure things will only get better for us. Hehe! HeartBubble

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #495)

Eli: What did I dream about last night? Wh-Why do you ask?

Eli: Anyways, umm... How'd you do on the classic literature quiz?

Eli: And the English reading? What'd you eat for lunch today? QuestionMark

Eli: You still want to know what I dreamt about last night?

Eli: C-Come on, it was on of those dreams that made no sense. Sweatdrop

Eli: Promise you won't laugh? I dreamt that I was carrying an egg on a spoon and trying to run without dropping it.

Eli: I was terrified the egg was going to fall off! Eventually I made it to the goal, and right as I jumped up to celebrate... I woke up.

Eli: I started laughing the second my eyes opened. Can you believe such a silly dream made me feel so afraid?

Eli: Maybe it means I'm nervous about our upcoming µ's show.

Eli: Well, I made it to the goal in my dream. I'm sure the show will be a big success, too. I need to relax and enjoy the experience more! MusicNote

SmileIconParty Time (Rare #570)

Eli: Today is the µ's party. You're coming as well of course, aren't you?

Eli: Heehee! Good! Nozomi, Nico, and I are in charge of food today. I made my special borscht. MusicNote

Eli: I've made borscht for everyone many times, so it seems that everyone has learned to love it. I'm so happy!

Eli: We always make our own food and drink when we have a party. It might not make for a particularly luxurious party, but it's nice.

Eli: I love it when we all get together and do something. Oh, but... Ellipses

Eli: Not everyone used to be like that. Some of us used to like being alone, and some of us didn't use to really like boisterous situations.

Eli: A party where everyone can have a great time... More than having a party, the best thing is beong able to be together. MusicNote

Eli: Let's eat a lot, laugh a lot, and make lots of fun memories today!

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #680)

Eli: A different side of myself? Let me think about that...

Eli: I think people tend to look at me as very capable since I'm the student council president.

Eli: The truth is, I'm really not like that. I obviously don't want to be an embarrassment to the council, so I try as hard as I can to carry out my duties.

Eli: But with µ's, I feel like everyone's carrying me along, more than the other way around.

Eli: Umi's far more capable than me. And you might not think so, but Nico's extremely responsible, too!

Eli: When we're all together, I tend to relax a little. Maybe too much. MusicNote

Eli: So I do feel like a different person when Im with µ's. But maybe... maybe it's who I really am?

Eli: Feel free to come by the club room any time you like. Who knows, maybe you'll see a side of Elichika you weren't expecting! MusicNote

PureIconShining So Bright (Rare #750)
Eli: Something I like that shines brightly?

Eli: Let me think about that. I think the eyes of a person with a dream are the shiniest things you'll ever see.

Eli: I think strong-willed people who are determined and dedicated to achieving their dreams are very appealing. They practically glow. MusicNote

Eli: People with dreams are very strong... I respect them.

Eli: I wonder how I appear to others. I feel like I've got a dream of my own, but can I really say I'm dedicated to the point that I won't let anything stop me?

Eli: Hey, do you have a dream? Well, I guess it's not polite if I'm the only one to ask the question. QuestionMark

Eli: Next time we should both open up about our biggest dreams... just the two of us.

Eli: *Chuckle* It'll be out secret. If you support me. I know I'll be able to give it everything I've got. And of course, I'll cheer you on with all my heart! MusicNote 

CoolIconSnowed In (Rare #802)

Eli: The snow's really coming down. I bet it'll be piled very high by the time school's out.

Eli: For club today, we should just gather in the room and discuss our plans for µ's.

Eli: We've been asked to do a few live shows, and we needed to have a planning session anyway. See you after school! MusicNote

Eli: Hey, where is everyone? I know I told them to meet in the club room... QuestionMark

Eli: Huh? They all went out to play in the snow? I suppose with that much snow you can't help but want to go out and play. Sweatdrop

Eli: Are you going to join them? A snowball fight sounds like fun.

Eli: I want to take care of a little paperwork first. *Chuckle* Listen to them laughing. Sounds like they're having a blast!

Eli: Oh... You're gone already. Guess I'm all alone...

Eli: EEEK! That's c-cold! What the heck?! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: I thought you went outside! What is that? A snowball...? So, you want me to join, huh? Geez, talk about insistent.

Kotori Minami

SmileIconWhat Does Summer Remind You of? (Rare #30)

Kotori: Summer... huh~?

Kotori: I... Hmm... Umm...

Kotori: Umm...

Kotori: Ah, actually, what does summer remind you of?

Kotori: Hmm, I see~ Then that'll be what it reminds me of too!

Kotori: Huh? I'm not a copycat~ I just thought it'd be nice to be the same as you. ♪ Ehehe.

PureIconIf You Could Use Magic (Rare #39)

Kotori: Hmm... I'd want to be able to have everyone in µ's, all my friends and family, and everyone around me to live happily!

Kotori: Huh? Why don't I use it for myself? QuestionMark

Kotori: Because I'm already happy enough as is. Because you're right here by my side...

Kotori: But if I must... Hmm, let's see...

Kotori: ...I guess I'd like to be able to talk to alpacas?

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #48)

Kotori: I'd like to go see alpacas at the zoo with you. MusicNote

Kotori: Alpacas are so cute, you know? So soft... And fluffy... And soft...

Kotori: Did you know? Alpacas are related to camels.

Kotori: If you look closely, you can see that camels and alpacas have the same round eyes!

Kotori: You know, it's really very soothing to just stare into those round eyes. MusicNote

PureIconWhat I Like (Rare #286)

Kotori: I like make candy and costumes and things, but I guess you already knew that.

Kotori: Ehehe, naturally. Then I should tell you about the other sides of me. MusicNote

Kotori: So I'll tell you a total secret, one I haven't told anyone else yet. The truth is...

Kotori: I like to touch fluffy things.

Kotori: Hmm? How can this be? Why aren't you surprised? QuestionMark

Kotori: It's not shocking at all? Aw, I was sure you'd be surprised!

Kotori: You know about the alpacas at Otonokizaka High, right? I've been getting to know them a little, lately.

Kotori: When you hug them, they're all fuzzy and fluffy, and they feel great! I just love fluffy things. HeartBubble

Kotori: Sometimes, they lick my face, but I've gotten kind of used to their scratchy tongues.

Kotori: Hehehe. That's my secret today. Just between us, okay?

PureIconSmall Miracles (Rare #300)

Kotori: Are you asking how small miracles happen? QuestionMark 

Kotori: I think the trick to making small miracles happen is in the way you prepare when you ask for one. 

Kotori: Nothing happens when you sit around, wanting on to happen without doing anything. 

Kotori: For example, if all we did was think about good shows, they wouldn't turn out very well, right? 

Kotori: So we prepare costumes that will really shine on stage, and practice singing and dancing, and call upon miracle like we're saying, "Over here, Miracle!" 

Kotori: Then the miracle is like, "Those girls are trying hard, I'll go be a miracle for them!" At least that's what I think. 

Kotori: Hehe. That's my opinion as part of the miracle that is µ's. 

Kotori: Let's keep working hard together, so we can see even more miracles happen! MusicNote 

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #336)

Kotori: Look, a sparrow! Aren't they adorable when they're all fuzzy in the winter? MusicNote

Kotori: I wish I could grow feathers, and be fluffy and fuzzy like them.

Kotori: Haha. I also like to think about how to stay warm through the winter.

Kotori: It's gotten colder lately. You're not feeling sick or anything, are you? QuestionMark

Kotori: Huh? Your throat hurts? Oh no, emergency! You'll get sick if you don't do something. Sweatdrop

Kotori: I've got to teach you how to handle the winter cold.

Kotori: First, dress warmly! You only get to wear scarves and gloves in the winter, so choose cute ones. HeartBubble

Kotori: And when you get home, wash your hands and gargle. You've got to kick out the germs that cause colds.

Kotori: You should also humidify your room. If you don't have a humidifier, put cups of water or wet towels around. It'll help your throat.

Kotori: That's how I spend the winter. We'll hang out again when you feel better!

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #432)

Kotori: What do I wish for my future?

Kotori: Let me think... Ellipses

Kotori: Actually, I did have one dream in particular. I haven't exactly abandoned it, although I do feel a bit differently nowadays.

Kotori: You know how I like designing clothes? One day I wish I could see my designs exhibited in fashion show.

Kotori: But if I didn't have everyone from µ's around, I'd be so lonely.

Kotori: I don't need a fashion show that doesn't include everyone else.

Kotori: Right now I'm at my happiest standing on the stage with the rest of µ's.

Kotori: Besides, when we're on stage everyone wears the outfits I sew. *Giggle* It's the greatest feeling in the world! MusicNote

Kotori: So right now I'd say I don't have a wish for the future!

Kotori: That's not an answer? Hehehe... I guess I'll have to get back to you.

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #496)

Kotori: *Giggle* I'm in a great mood.

Kotori: Last night I had the best dream ever.

Kotori: Wanna know what it was about!? QuestionMark

Kotori: I dreamt I'd turned into a snail! MusicNote

Kotori: Slowly crawling along atop a rain-covered leaf. Moving around was so much fun!

Kotori: And since I was a snail, I left a shiny little trail behind me.

Kotori: There was this beautiful rainbow bridge stretched across the sky. It was just breathtaking.

Kotori: Then, then I met the other snail whose shell was painted with pretty pastel colors. Come to think of it, that snail looked really familiar.

Kotori: Hey, did you come to see me in my dream? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: If that was you, thank you! I'm so happy you came to see me. MusicNote

SmileIconParty Time! (Rare #571)

Kotori: Ding dong! I've come to pick you up!

Kotori: ....Did you forget? Today is the µ's party. Let's go together.

Kotori: Huh? You haven't decided what to wear yet?

Kotori: OK, then I'll choose something for you. Nico might be better than me, but I'm pretty good at coordinating clothes. MusicNote

Kotori: Plus I'm always watching you, so I know exactly what clothes suit you.

Kotori: Heeheehee... So don't worry about it. Leave it to me.

Kotori: This, and this... Hmm... Would this work? QuestionMark

Kotori: And finally, I have a present for you. I'll attach it to your arm. Put it all together, and it kind of sets my hear a-flutter. HeartBubble

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #681)

Kotori: A different side of me?

Kotori: I feel like I turn into a different person when I'm wearing a costume!

Kotori: If it's a cute outfit, I feel like a cute girl.

Kotori: If it's something cool, I feel cool!

Kotori: Clothes have this amazing power. I want to keep wearing all different kinds of outfits. I don't believe in the idea that people can't change. MusicNote

Kotori: Say I'm going to meet someone I like. I feel like things play out better if I put on an outfit that makes me look pretty!

Kotori: Hmm? Me? QuestionMark

Kotori: Today I was looking forward to meeting you, so I wore one of my favorite outfits! Oh, b-but don't read too much into that.

Umi Sonoda

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer... (Rare #31)

Umi: Every year I go to a training camp for archery club... But this year, I've also got my school idol activities.

Umi: I'm the only member of µ's who's also in the archery club, so we'll be parted for a while.

Umi: Lately, the nine of us have been together all the time. It'll feel a bit weird being away.

Umi: If I said that I was lonely... Would you come along with me?

Umi: Yeah, right. Hee hee, I'm just kidding. MusicNote

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #40)

Umi: What would I do if I could use magic...?

Umi: Well, of course I've thought that it would be nice if I could use magic from time to time...

Umi: But you shouldn't trust magic. I think you need to rely on your own strength to do things.

Umi: What? I have to give at least one answer? QuestionMark

Umi: Well then... I'd like to try to fly. Just a little.

Umi: I-I mean it's not something I could possibly naturally do, right?!

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #49)

Umi: As long as I can go with you, anywhere is fine.

Umi: Hmm... If I must choose, I'd have to say somewhere quiet.

Umi: Where no one would bother us, and it would just be us two...

Umi: Oh, my! What am I saying? Exclaimationpoint

Umi: A young couple together, alone, in the dark... How scandalous! Sweatdrop

Umi: Huh? Oh? No... It's nothing... Sweatdrop

CoolIconWhat I Like (Rare #287)

Umi: My like? Maybe calligraphy.

Umi: Because it sharpens your mind, similar to archery.

Umi: Just like I release an arrow, I let the brush run free across the page. It's simple, but can be as deep a challenge as you choose to make it.

Umi: Letting all your mental and physical uncertainy out in writing is beautiful, yet terrifying... and incredibly satisfying.

Umi: What? Don't I get tired my heightened awareness? QuestionMark

Umi: Of course, I take breaks. I go out with Honoka and Kotori and I also take time to relax and read.

Umi: Although when I read, I get invested in the story, and actually end up more worked up and tired sometimes.

Umi: Bittersweet love storied are beautiful, but usually I want all the protagonists to end up happy.

Umi: I wonder how it will be when I fall in love, and how it will end.

Umi: Haha. who knows, right?

CoolIconSmall Miracles (Rare #301)

Umi: Small miracles? Like my being here right now?

Umi: It's miraculous that I'm standing here as a school idol right now, and so is the fact that Honoka and everyone else are with me.

Umi: I'm glad I didn't refuse, back when she started things.

Umi: Thanks to that decision, I made eight very important friends.

Umi: If you go further back, it's kind of miraculous we were born around the same time and went to the same school.

Umi: When you look at it that way, nothing is given when it comes to people.

Umi: Of course, having you cheering for me feel like a miracle to me. HeartBubble

Umi: I'll try to continue going through life while staying grateful for everything. So, thank you.

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #337)

Umi: You know, you'll get sick sleeping in a place like this.

Umi: You are so helpless without me. Hehe.

Umi: Wha-!

Umi: Wh-wh-when did you wake up!? What? Just now?

Umi: O-Okay then. No, you were just sleeping, so I tried to put my jacket over you... sorry.

Umi: The sun sets early in the winter: it's already completely dark.

Umi: We can't practice quite as long on the roof, now. I feel like that's a little bit unfortunate.

Umi: But it's offset by how nice morning practice feels in the crisp winter air. It's best to enjoy the good parts of all seasons.

Umi: Hehe. We should really head home now. You just woke up, so you'll get sick if you don't stay warm.

Umi: I'll loan you my scarf. Shall we go?

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #433)

Umi: What do I wish for?

Umi: It's a bit embarrassing to say out loud. I suppose if it would be liberating, though.

Umi: Huh? L-Liberating has nothing to do with taking my clothes off! Geez, what's on your mind?!

Umi: I'm not talking about something superficial. This is more pf an internal improvement.

Umi: I tend to keep my thoughts bottled up inside instead of expressing them.

Umi: My usual excuse is something trivial, like not being able to find the right timing.

Umi: But I... I think maybe it's a much deeper problem.

Umi: I think... I'm afraid of saying something stupid and making everyone hate me. BlueLines

Umi: Take Honoka. I'm always scolding her to think before she speaks. Yet at the same time I envy her.

Umi: I wish that someday everyone will get to know the real me even better. I hope you'll watch over me until that day comes. MusicNote

SmileIconParty Time! (Rare #572)

Umi: We are having a party today. Are the preparations complete?

Umi: Huh!? You aren't coming because you're nervous? Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Wh-what are you saying all of the sudden? Haven't we been preparing for this for ages?

Umi: Unbelievable! You whine like a child.... We are the only people who are going to be there, so there's nothing to be worried about.

Umi: .... I guess there is nothing for it then.

Umi: OK, I'll be your escort. If I go with you, will you be able to relax?

Umi: I'll stick by you the whole time, so don't worry. MusicNote

Umi: Taking your hand like this and going to a party isn't bad. Right, let's go!

PureIconClear Your Mind! (Super Rare #740)

Umi: Okay, everyone. Once more, from the top.

Umi: What's the matter, Honoka? We're about to begin. QuestionMark

Umi: What do you mean, it's too cold to sing? We're singing hymns as a choir for the kindergarteners tomorrow!

Umi: It's not nearly cold enough to be complaining about it. Clear your mind, focus, and even snow will feel warm to the touch!

Umi: Hmm? Yes, I realize it's actually snowing now. No wonder it's so chilly... Err, nothing! I'm not the least bit cold!

Umi: Honoka, where are you going?! To look at the snow? What about rehearsal?! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Oh good grief, now they're all going outside. Fine, we may as well take five. I suppose I'll join them and see what all the fuss is about. Sweatdrop

Umi: It's not Christmas Eve yet, but watching the snow fall at this time of year does feel like something special. I suppose playing around a bit isn't such a bad thing.

Umi: Oof! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Who threw that snowball?! Don't get mad when I return fire!

PureIconShining So Bright (Rare #752)

Umi: Things I like that are shiny? Sorry, I'm not really that interested in accessories and whatnot.

Umi: Oh, but now that you mention it, Nico once said something like that to me.

Umi: She said that school idols have a particularly brilliant glow about them.

Umi: Since she's such a big fan of school idols, when she first said that, I figured that school idols actual look like they are glowing to her.

Umi: But now that I've seen other school idols perform with my own eyes, I can totally relate.

Umi: The sight of them pulling out all the stops to give their best performances, and the effort put into the results to the audience members...

Umi: The smiles on their faces were more than just bright. They were absolutely dazzling. MusicNote

Umi: I hope I shine like that when I take the stage. I'll need to redouble my efforts!

Rin Hoshizora

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer... (Rare #32)

Rin: When I hear, "summer", I think of playing in the water.

Rin: I went to the pool with everyone in µ's recently.

Rin: I'm the best swimmer in the group.

Rin: That's right! I'll teach you how to swim! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: OK, you move your hands like this and pull, and you move your legs like this... And then... and then... Huh? You don't get it?

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #41)

Rin: I want to be able to get good grades on tests without having to study...

Rin: Then I could play all day and practice my singing and dancing!

Rin: Huh? If I could only choose one subject? QuestionMark

Rin: Which one? It'd have to be English, right? But also math... Hmm... So hard to choose!

Rin: Oh well. I'll just have to have you teach me all the other subjects! Exclaimationpoint

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #50)

Rin: I'd love to take a tour of a bunch of delicious ramen shops!

Rin: What kind of ramen do you like?

Rin: Me? Well... Hee hee... I love every kind of ramen!

Rin: Huh? What do I like about ramen? QuestionMark

Rin: It's hot... And just looking at it makes me happy... Just like you! MusicNote

SmileIconAfter Class One Day (Rare #225)

Rin: I love the time after class. You don't have to study, and can see your friends. MusicNote

Rin: µ's practice is fun, but I also really like the lazy time before practice starts.

Rin: Usually. I mostly just ask Hanayo how many rice balls she's had, and do strange poses with Nico.

Rin: Oh, I know! I almost forgot about Nico! I've been looking for her, but can't find her. Exclaimationpoint

Rin: She sometimes tells bad jokes and also acts like a comedian.

Rin: But she's surprisingly grounded, and helps me and the other like a good student.

Rin: Things just aren't right without her. I'm going to go looking again.

Rin: If you see Nico, be sure to tell me! MusicNote

SmileIconWhat I Like (Rare #288)

Rin: My likes would be moving around!!

Rin: I like dancing, but I really like zoom running, and boing jumping.

Rin: You don't know what zoom and boing mean?? Those are my names for sprints and hurdles.

Rin: What? Aren't I bad at hurdles?

Rin: Of course I fall sometimes, but I don't have time to regret or be sad. I just get up without thinking and dash off!

Rin: When I'm jumping hurdles on a track, all I can hear is my breath going "gasp, gasp". My head is completely clear of thoughts. Neat, huh??

Rin: It's like my body answers the call to run without thinking! It's refreshing, and feels great.

Rin: So when my head feels all messy and confused, I go running alone with a zoom!

Rin: It clears up confusion, and it's even more fun when you're not confused. Running is great!

Rin: Come running with me sometimes, I'll blow the started whistle for you to help out!

SmileIconSmall Miracles (Rare #302)

Rin: Small miracle? Of course I know a few!

Rin: Sometimes the ramen shop adds extra topping for me, so that's mine. MusicNote

Rin: Huh? That doesn't count? QuestionMark

Rin: I'm pretty sure it should, though.

Rin: Then what about calling it a small miracle that I'm a school idol?

Rin: It's weird that someone like me could make it as one, right?

Rin: I'm always running around outside without thinking, so it seems pretty miraculous to me.

Rin: Hehe, a miracle caused by everyone in µ's and the people who cheered me on.

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #338)

Rin: Good morning! I wanted to hang out today, so I dropped by. You won't refuse because of the cold, will you? MusicNote

Rin: Hehe, good! Recently, Nozomi told me I should pay my respects to the gods, so we're heading to the shrine first.

Rin: It's cold, but I think the air tastes best when it's cold. It's not a food, though.

Rin: Chomp. Chew chew... yeah, it tastes better somehow.

Rin: Hey, want to play rock-paper-scissors on the stairs on the way? Whoever gets to the top first wins! MusicNote

Rin: On three. One... two... three!

Rin: Hehe. Paper, I win! Up I go!

Rin: Round 2! One... two... three!

Rin: And scissors means I win again. Another few steps for me...

Rin: Huh? This is no good. I'm lonely when we're this far apart. Hurry up and win and catch up with me!

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #434)

Rin: A wish for the future, huh?

Rin: Hmm... Nothing really comes to mind, to be honest.

Rin: Oh, I know! I wanna be the coolest adult in the world! How's that? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: An adult who works her tail off, studies super-hard, and still has time to dance like crazy!

Rin: I mean, I can't picture what that'd be like, but wouldn't it be cool?

Rin: I'd be all cool and mature. You'd like to see that too, wouldn't you? MusicNote

Rin: You would... but you're afraid I'd lose all my best qualities? QuestionMark

Rin: Really? I think cool adult Rin has a lot of great qualities too.

Rin: Ah, whatever. Enough talk, I'm starving!

Ring: Let's change things up and get burgers instead of ramen today! C'mon! MusicNote

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #498)

Rin: What'd I dream about last night?

Rin: Uhh, hmm. It was really awesome! I just... can't remember what it was about...

Rin: Let me think... Just a second.

Rin: Hrr, nope, I can't remember a thing. BlueLines

Rin: This stinks. I know it was a really good one, too.

Rin: It's so easy to remember what I was dreaming about the seconds I wake up, but by the time I get out of bed I've already forgotten it.

Rin: Maybe I should write them down before I get up. Oh, but I bet I'll forget to do that, too.

Rin: What if I bring a notepad with me into my dream? QuestionMark

Rin: If I think about pens and paper as I'm going to sleep, will they be there is my dreams?

Rin: Hey, I could write a whole dream newspaper. Reporter Rin's Dream Journal! I'll give it a shot tonight. MusicNote

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #683)

Rin: Huh? A different side of myself? I dunno... I can't really think of any.

Rin: I am who I am! Bubbly, energetic, raring to go! Every day, everywhere! MusicNote

Rin: Oh. You know what? I think since I joined µ's, the every day part has changed a little.

Rin: Before µ's I'd always be running all over the place, I had trouble studying... Hanayo and I were still best friends, but...

Rin: Since I joined µ's, I spend every day thinking about being a school idol. I love µ's and I love everyone in it! MusicNote

Rin: I mean, I get to wear adorable outfits and sing and dance to my heart's content. I think I'm staring to fit the role a little better!

Rin: Oh, but I still love Hanayo to death! That's one thing that hasn't changed. Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Hee hee hee... Now I'm blushing. HeartBubble

PureIconShining So Bright (Rare #753)

Rin: Name something I like that's shiny?

Rin: You mean like hairpins and stuff? I'm not really into shiny things. QuestionMark

Rin: Oh, I know! I love how the stars shine at night. Exclaimationpoint

Rin: My last name, Hoshizora, means starry sky. Ever since I was a little kid, I've spent lots of time stargazing.

Rin: Whenever I'd screw up at school, or fail somehow, or when things weren't just going my way, I'd look to the sky.

Rin: Watching all the different stars twinkling and sparkling always makes me feel worked up and excited inside.

Rin: I don't know much about the different kinds of stars, but I do know that all starlight is beautiful, and it never fails to cheer me up.

Rin: Actually, Maki's teaching me about the constellations! I probably won't get it all the first time, though. I'd be so happy if you'd try to learn some of it for me! MusicNote

PureIconAccessory First-Timer (Ultra Rare #881)

Rin: So cute! This accessory-making stuff's totally adorable!

Rin: Our next costume have lots and lots of accessories, so I'm helping make them. We're gonna hang them on our skirts, or waists... pretty much everywhere!

Rin: It's gonna be so cute when they jingle as we dance. They're not very loud, though. It's kinda sad that not everyone in the audience will be able to hear them. MusicNote

Rin: Hmm? Oh, are you gonna help, too? Thanks! These are for making bracelets. You just gotta string the beads. Simple, right?

Rin: I'm not usually good at stuff that requires a lot of dexterity. But for some reason, when it's for µ's, I work on it forever without ever getting fed up.

Rin: See? Pretty good, right? Kotori's an amazing teacher, so everyone's been able to do a great job. MusicNote

Rin: Still, I'm pretty slow, so I'm staying behind to finish my part. *Giggle* Aren't I a dedicated worker?

Rin: This is such hard work. I can't believe that Kotori usually does it all by herself, on top of doing dance practice just as much as the rest of us. Sweatdrop

Rin: I wonder if she gets overwhelmed sometimes... I can't use a sewing machine, but there's gotta be a way for me to help her more.

Rin: Oops, all this talking is distracting me from my job! Focus, Rin! Focus! Exclaimationpoint

Maki Nishikino

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer... (Rare #33)

Maki: I usually spend the summer on the terrace of my family's vacation home reading a book and listening to the sound of the waves.

Maki: But lately, it's been really hectic what with the practice and training camps with µ's...

Maki: I like to spend summer in quiet solitude, but spend time with everyone hasn't been bad.

Maki: Oh! That was for your ears only. So you absolutely cannot tell them, all right? Exclaimationpoint

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #42)

Maki: Why do you ask about magic? Something so completely unscientific just does not exist in this world. How stupid.

Maki: Even if you say "if", there's no chance of that "if" ever happening. I'm telling you.

Maki: That is why you are getting on my nerves! I just don't believe in things like magic! Anger

Maki: I don't need magic. I make things happen through my own hard work!

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #51)

Maki: I'd love to visit a place where the stars are beautiful, I think.

Maki: This may be a bit unexpected, but I really enjoy stargazing.

Maki: Will you take me sometime?

Maki: Huh? You don't know much about the stars? QuestionMark

Maki: That's too bad. Looks like I'll just have to teach you.

Maki: Wouldn't it be wonderful, listening to my explanation in a natural planetarium?

CoolIconWhat I Like (Rare #289)

Maki: My likes? Well, there's piano, but actually I enjoy looking at the sky even more.

Maki: To me, every star in the sky is precious. Each one feels important to me.

Maki: I always used to watch the stars when things were bad. I'd encourage myself by thinking "you're not the only one working hard. Be like that star, and keep at it."

Maki: So I really hated starless nights. I felt like someone who supported me was missing.

Maki: But not anymore.

Maki: Now I think it's okay to take it easy when I'm tired or sad. Like how the stars are hidden when it rains.

Maki: But it's not like the stars actually stop shining just because it rains.

Maki: When you're not able to do your best, just accept it! It's so obvious, yet I only just figured it out. So I'm a little slow, I guess.

Maki: I like the sky without starts now, too. It feels like the stars are recharging, to shine more.

Maki: Let's g star-gazing sometime. Rain or shine, I'm fine with either.

CoolIconSmall Miracles (Rare #303)

Maki: Huh? Nothing miraculous has ever really happened to me.

Maki: Doesn't the word just make you suspicious?

Maki: I don't really say this, because people react oddly...

Maki: but I think that miracles are built on a foundation of our efforts.

Maki: I'm such a beautiful, great student because of all my efforts. Just kidding! MusicNote

Maki: But... I am glad that Honoka came to the music room that one time, though.

Maki: I got into µ's because of that, and got close to Hanayo and Rin, too.

Maki: That day might be the only thing I'd call a miracle. Just don't tell anyone, okay?

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #339)

Maki: Good morning. It's freezing these days.

Maki: But we've been practicing well lately, and I'm getting better at handling the cold... I think.

Maki: I-I'm not just pretending. I'm running faster now, and I think I'm a little tougher. Sweatdrop

Maki: Running has really grown on me since I started going with Honoka and everyone.

Maki: I like how the scenery goes by faster than normal, and I might even be naturally talented at it. MusicNote

Maki: Ah! Your face says you don't believe me! I really am faster than I used to be, okay?

Maki: Fine, Then I'll show you. Want to race to that corner? I'm not going to lose.

Maki: Gasp... pant... Hehe, see, I won!

Maki: I guess you need to practice more, too.

Maki: Don't plan anything for your next day off, we're going running together. Try not to get left behind!

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #499)

Maki: Oh, are you heading home, too?

Maki: I'm leaving late today because I went to the library.

Maki: Hmm? No, I wasn't studying today. I was reading books about handicrafts.

Maki: You see, last night I dreamt that I was sewing with Kotori. We were doing machine gathering to make a big, poofy skirt!

Maki: Don't tell me that it doesn't sound like a dream I would have. I already know. Sweatdrop

Maki: I've not done much handicrafts, but in my dream it was so easy. The skirt I made was beautiful.

Maki: Once it was done, I sewed on all these little spangles, then I embroidered it.

Maki: That dream had a big impact on me. Picturing a skirt in my head and then creating it with my own two hands. MusicNote

Maki: When I told Kotori about my dream, she looked thrilled.

Maki: Maybe I should try to learn to sew like in my dream. It might not be so easy, though.

SmileIconParty Time! (Rare #574)

Maki: See, I went to the trouble to come and get you.

Maki: For pity's sake... It's the µ's party today. Don't tell me you forgot! Sweatdrop

Maki: Walking like this... makes me think of the past.

Maki: It used to be normal for me to walk by myself... Don't give me that "poor you" look.

Maki: Now I always have someone close to me... I don't feel like I'm on my own any more. MusicNote

Maki: There's Rin, and Honoka, and... There's always someone there. really, everyone is so friendly.

Maki: ....I can already hear everyone's voices. Heehee, everyone is here already.

Maki: Make sure you have a good time too. It won't be a µ's party if everyone isn't having a good time.

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #684)

Maki: A different side of myself?

Maki: I don't think there is one. I'm always my usual calm, cool, and collected self, aren't I?

Maki: Wh-What's that look for? Sweatdrop

Maki: I know. You think I'm spoiled and standoffish, don't you?

Maki: I can be honest and upfront when I want to, you know.

Maki: Huh? Like when? I-I don't know, I can't think of anything off the top of my head... Sweatdrop

Maki: Please, just leave me alone. You can be a little mean sometimes.

Maki: You could stand to be more straightforward yourself. I like you better when you act that way. Then again, it's none of my business. MusicNote

PureIconShining so Bright (Rare #754)

Maki: Hmm? Things I like that are shiny?

Maki: Let me see... Handbag charms studded with jewel are one of my favorites. Ellipses

Maki: But I would say the girls in µ's shine more brilliantly than any jewel.

Maki: N-No, I'm not trying to imply that I'm some kind of radiant figure. I just feel that way when I look at everyone else. Sweatdrop

Maki: Especially when we're up onstage. I'm serious.

Maki: I know we're only school idols, not a pro idol group, but I feel like we're as dedicated and hardworking as any pro.

Maki: *Chuckle* Am I just bragging about my friends, now?

Maki: Seeing people get serious about their passions makes me feel like I can keep growing stronger. I have to work hard to keep up with them. MusicNote

CoolIconYour Job (Super Super Rare #942)

Maki: Do I have any plans for after the show? Let me think... No, I don't have anything lined up for today. Although I'm sure someone will suggest we go out and celebrate.

Maki: Then we'll go over the show, discussing what went right and what went wrong.

Maki: It makes for a good learning experience.

Maki: Even though we should all be 100 percent focused on you own singing and dancing, we tend to notice if the person next us makes even the slightest mistake.

Maki: Since we rehearse almost every single day, we remember even the smallest inconsistencies.

Maki: Of course, no one can see the entire group at once, so we need critiques from someone in the audience.

Maki: Don't look so confused. That's your job! QuestionMark

Maki: You have the best view in the house for our shows. I'm sure you'd notice if anything were even the tiniest bit off.

Maki: Make sure you tell us what you saw after each show. You're the only one who can do this job, so make sure you take it seriously.

Maki: Oh my, only ten minutes till show time! I need to go. See you later!

Nozomi Tojo

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer... (Rare #34)

Nozomi: A summer festival!

Nozomi: The Bon Dance... It was originally a time to honor and entertain your ancestors as they return...

Nozomi: So everyone dances and visits night stalls in a sort of daze... I think our ancestors see us like that, having so much fun, and they feel satisfied.

Nozomi: That's why we need to have fun and enjoy the festival to the fullest!

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #43)

Nozomi: You know what? I think you and I together can make the happiest magic in the world.

Nozomi: Oh... But wait. There's you and I... The two of us can't both be "the happiest", because which one is "the happiest" and which is "second happiest"?

Nozomi: OK, how about this. I'll be "second happiest".
Nozomi: Because when you're happy, then I'm happy. MusicNote

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #52)

Nozomi: Of course, the most spiritual place in Japan. Mt. Fuji.

Nozomi: Because praying to the gods from the peak of Mt. Fuji would allow me to experience my power to the fullest.

Nozomi: Did you know that it's also very important to consider your traveling companion for something like this?

Nozomi: For Lucky Girl Nozomi, the best partner to climb Mt. Fuji with would be... You, of course. MusicNote

PureIconWhat I Like (Rare #290)

Nozomi: What are my likes? Looking at cute girls, I'd say!

Nozomi: Everyone in µ's is cute, right? Extremely so.

Nozomi: So I like to take in the cuteness during our shows, but that's hard when I'm on stage too.

Nozomi: What do you mean? That seems obsessive? QuestionMark

Nozomi: Not this again! When you see cuteness, it's normal for it to overpower you. That's not obsessive at all.

Nozomi: But when I'm overpowered by cuteness, I do feel like I'd enjoy it more if I could give something back.

Nozomi: So, something I could do for everyone... How about a massage?

Nozomi: Everyone knows I'm good at that! HeartBubble

Nozomi: Huh? I'm obsessive about that, too? Oh, come on... You're just biased. Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Then I'll just pray for everyone to become as cute as possible. No on can complain, and it'll be super effective. HeartBubble

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #340)

Nozomi: Whoo... Hehe, I can see my breath. Winter's coming.

Nozomi: When it gets cold and wintery, the natural cure is nabemono hot pot dishes. HeartBubble

Nozomi: You take a big pot, and fill it with green onions, napa cabbage, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, and lots of meat! Oh, and also konjac noodles and chrysanthemum greens.

Nozomi: A single pot has all kinds of nutrients, and you can change the flavors so you don't get bored. It's a shame if you don't like different styles.

Nozomi: And you know how the steam rises up when they're done? I love that.

Nozomi: It's a warm, reassuring sensation. Nabemono is amazing for how it makes you happy even when you're just waiting for it to finish.

Nozomi: It's good alone, but it's meant to be eaten in groups.

Nozomi: You all surround the pot, shoulder to shoulder. Hehehe. I smile just thinking about it.

Nozomi: Maybe we should all make it tomorrow? We can use the club room. It'll be fun! MusicNote

Nozomi: You're coming too, right? We'll have hot food and a warm room waiting!

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #436)

Nozomi: A wish for the future...

Nozomi: Is it okay if it's something I know won't come true, but I wish for anyway?

Nozomi: Okay, I wish all nine µ's members could live together in a giant house! MusicNote

Nozomi: We'd be like one big family. Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

Nozomi: If we were a family, I guess Eli would be the dad? Which would make yours truly the mom, hehe.

Nozomi: A family with a whole litter of kids. And our cat would be Rin or maybe Nico-cchi? Just kidding. Don't tell Nico-cchi I said that. She'll be mad.

Nozomi: Anyway, if we were a family, we'd wake up together, eat together, and go to bed together every single day. MusicNote

Nozomi: Our days would be exciting and fun, and I'd never ever get tired of it. HeartBubble

Nozomi: Maybe us living together as a big family is impossible, but you know what?

Nozomi: *Giggle* Right now our room at school is kind of like our own little home!

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #500)

Nozomi: Good morning! Nice weather we're having, huh?

Nozomi: Why am I in such a good mood? Heh heh. Because I had a great dream last night.

Nozomi: Pop quiz, hot shot! What exactly did I dream about?

Nozomi: Five, four, three, two, one... zero! What's your final answer? I'll tell you the right one at the same time.

Nozomi: The answer is, I dreamt about making fried dumplings with everyone in µ's! MusicNote

Nozomi: We just kept cracking them out until there was a huge mountain of delicious dumplings. Kotori and Nico-cchi were especially speedy!

Nozomi: Then Rin said she wanted dumplings with wings, so I added a little flour and water to the pan.

Nozomi: It was so realistic. *Giggle* That's why it was such a fun dream! MusicNote

Nozomi: Even if it was just a dream. I've never made that many fried dumplings before. It was like a dumpling party!

Nozomi: Wait, who says we can't do it for real? I'm gonna get everyone together and make my dream come true! Exclaimationpoint

SmileIconParty Time! (Rare #575)

Nozomi: Oh, you're here! I just got here, too.

Nozomi: Honoka isn't late, is she? It's not a µ's party if everyone isn't here.

Nozomi: Our parties are always a great laugh. I'm glad we are all good friends. MusicNote

Nozomi: We were like strangers to begin with, so it's amazing we have become so close.

Nozomi: Our personalities and ways of thinking are all different, but we are bound together, with Honoka as our center.

Nozomi: Whenever I get a good feeling from being on stage or at a party, I can't help but be thankful for the miraculous bond we have.

Nozomi: Hahaha! We should be getting ready to have fun, and here's me being all solemn. That's no good! Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Come on. Let's go! Let's go! Let's laugh ourselves silly today! MusicNote

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #685)

Nozomi: A different side of me? Nah, don't have any.

Nozomi: I just like to take it easy, you know? I do whatever.

Nozomi: Huh? Is being a school idol just "whatever" to me?

Nozomi: Come on, do you even have to ask?

Nozomi: I take being a school idol very seriously! Maybe not on the same level as Honoka, but I put lots of love and power into every performance!

Nozomi: Hey, maybe being a school idol is the different side of myself!

Nozomi: That could be... I sure hope it's not true, though.

Nozomi: The times I'm with µ's are the times where I feel like I can be myself the most.

PureIconShining So Bright (Rare #755)

Nozomi: Things I like that are shiny?

Nozomi: Wow, I've got lots of those. The sun, the stars... Oh, and diamonds!

Nozomi: Quarter, too. And if we're talking food, mackerel sushi has a great shine to it!

Nozomi: Hmm? Those aren't the answers you expected? Geez, I dunno. Things that shine brightly... QuestionMark

Nozomi: Ah-ha! People who have something they want to protect. How about that? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: When you look at people who have something dear to them that they want to protect, their eyes have a real sparkle to them. It's so cool!

Nozomi: I think the gods have given them the strength to fight tirelessly to protect the things dearest to them. I dunno what exactly it is they're fighting, though. Ha, ha!

Nozomi: Same goes for me. I've got something important I want to protect. And to do it, I've gotta keep working hard to make µ's a success! MusicNote

Hanayo Koizumi

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer... (Rare #35)

Hanayo: What's the best part of summer? Maybe ice cream.

Hanayo: Huh? Are you asking what flavor of ice cream is my favorite? QuestionMark

Hanayo: Hmm... I like strawberry... And I like chocolate... Oh, and there's nothing like traditional vanilla!

Hanayo: I had some pineapple ice cream once that was delicious... Oh, and I can't forget the Japanese flavors like green tea and azuki bean!

Hanayo: Oh, there's so many, it's hard to choose... BlueLines

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #44)

Hanayo: If I could use magic? Well, I want to eat a bunch of delicious snacks...

Hanayo: But.. But! I don't want to get fat... Maybe there's some magic that would let me eat sweets without getting fat... Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: That's it! That way, I can just eat as much as I want and never get fat... Yeah, that's what would make me happy!

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #53)

Hanayo: If I could go anywhere? O-Osaka, maybe?

Hanayo: Well... There's a lot of really delicious food...

Hanayo: There's takoyaki, there's okonomiyaki, there's pork skewers... But... If I ate all that by myself, I'd get fat. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: Maybe I could split it with you?

PureIconWhat I Like (Rare #291)

Hanayo: You want to know my likes? Hmm, well... QuestionMark

Hanayo: I do like to draw.

Hanayo: Lately, I've been drawing Alpaca during lunch.

Hanayo: What!? Er, I'd be a bit too embarrassed to show you. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: Really, though, there is one thing I'd love to do.

Hanayo: Someday I'd like to draw everyone while they're singing and dancing, just once.

Hanayo: Everyone is so vibrant and cute on stage, so I'd like to preserve the moment in a picture.

Hanayo: Whenever it's finished, I hope I'm brave enough to show everyone, I'd be happy to show you them, too.

Hanayo: Oh, right! Can I draw you sometime, too?

Hanayo: My heart goes wild whenever I look at you for very long, and I'd like to put all of that feeling into a picture. HeartBubble

PureIconSmall Miracles (Rare #305)

Hanayo: Miracles? Hmm, what counts as one? QuestionMark

Hanayo: I'm not sure if you'd call it a miracle, but I'm really happy right now.

Hanayo: I'm surrounded by miracles and it feels like one that I'm here right now.

Hanayo: If I had just spent my school life normally, I wouldn't be a school idol, for one thing.

Hanayo: So my miracle is the one everyone gave me.

Hanayo: It's like everyone in µ's each gave me a small miracle, one by one.

Hanayo: All I've done so far is take, though.

Hanayo: Now I'd like to give miracle back, one by one, to everyone who gave them to me. MusicNote

CoolIconWinter Means... (Rare #341)

Hanayo: Pant... pant...

Hanayo: Oh, good morning. Are you going for a run, too?

Hanayo: Hehe, same here. It's cold, but that won't stop us.

Hanayo: Pant... pant...

Hanayo: When you run n the winter, your breath makes little white clouds. I feel like a train engine sometimes.

Hanayo: Hehe... that's not a weird thought, is it?

Hanayo: I was thinking that if you run a lot, you burn a lot of calories, so it's kind of like a diet.

Hanayo: I feel like I've gained muscle and my calves are bigger, but I might be imagining that... Oh, I hope I am. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: The school idols in magazines always have thin, pretty legs, so this feels like I'm stuck between reality and my ideals.

Hanayo: Maybe I should stretch more? I'll ask Eli sometime. If you hear anything useful, let me know!

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #437)

Hanayo: A wish I hope comes true someday? Hmm...

Hanayo: I'd like more and more people to discover the fun of school idols!

Hanayo: Of course that means more people coming to see µ's. But there are a lot of people out there who don't even know what school idols are!

Hanayo: I want lots of girls from all over to try being school idols. I want them to have the chance to put all their effort and energy into a performance.

Hanayo: When people watch school idols perform they can't help but feel better. Then they start cheering and singing and dancing along! MusicNote

Hanayo: Really, when you think about it, school idols are really special.

Hanayo: That's why I want lots more people to learn about them.

Hanayo: I don't want school idols to be a footnote in the history books. I want it to become an institution where it's common in every school!

Hanayo: But to make that future a reality we need to keep working hard today.

Hanayo: I'll keep giving everything I have to my role as a school idol! MusicNote

SmileIconParty Time! (Rare #576)

Hanayo: Hello! The weather's lovely again today, isn't it?

Hanayo: I thought I'd go to the bookstore. Do you want to come?

Hanayo: Huh?......Eeeeeeee!!! Is the.... Is the.... Is the µ's party today!? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Wh-what should I do? How could I do the preparations but forget the actual day? I have to go to the party right now. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: You're coming too, right? OK, let's run!

Hanayo: *Pant* *Pant* Once we cross those lights, we'll be at school. Just a little bit further...!

Hanayo: Heheheh! Running with you made me start to kind of have fun. And then you took my hand...

Hanayo: It was bad that we were almost late, but I'm sure this will be a party to remember. Let's have a great time! MusicNote

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #686)

Hanayo: A different... version of myself?

Hanayo: I can be a bit timid at times... Occasionally I wish I was more assertive.

Hanayo: Like Umi. She's so cool, and when she talks, people listen. That's the kind of person I want to be like.

Hanayo: When she tells me to pick up my tempo, or that training takes priority, it kinda makes me happy. Is that weird? MusicNote

Hanayo: Oh, but listen to this. The other day Nico said to me that µ's works because everyone is different, and that I shouldn't try to force myself to change!

Hanayo: Nico loves µ's and being a school idol, so she definitely knows what she's talking about. I really admire Nico, too!

Hanayo: I admire Rin for being so cheerful... You know what? I think I admire everyone in µ's who isn't me.

Hanayo: Oh dear, now I'm being indecisive again. Can I have some more time to think about this? Sweatdrop

SmileIconµ's Cherries! (Ultra Rare #720)

Hanayo: Cherries are such sweet, cute little fruits. They're like the idols of the fruit world!

Hanayo: And now that I've been selected to be a fruit girl, I'm going to be just like them. It's a dream come true!

Hanayo: Oh, look at these cherries! There's two of them joined together... kind of like me and Rin. As long as we're together, I'll never be lonely. MusicNote

Hanayo: Wow, look at these! There's THREE on this stem. Maybe it's that three Printemps. Oh, and these three are BiBi, and these three are lily white!

Hanayo: *Gasp* Maybe if I look hard enough, I'll find a stem with NINE cherries on the end! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Hmm... No luck. C'mon, there has to be a group of nine cherries somewhere.

Hanayo: If I do find one like that, I want to show it to the rest of the group. I wonder if they'll all think it looks like µ's.

Hanayo: Ah-ha! That might be one over there. C'mon, let's go check! Exclaimationpoint

Nico Yazawa

SmileIconSpeaking of Summer (Rare #36)

Nico: For me, it's gotta be fireworks! When we were shooting our music video, we set off a bunch of big fireworks!

Nico: I was the leader, so it was really nerve-wracking! But I did my best. MusicNote

Nico: You saw it, right?

Nico: Huh? You weren't looking? How mean! Anger

Nico: I guess I don't really have any choice. I'll have to dance for you at least once.

Nico: But you can't tell anyone, OK? MusicNote

PureIconIf I Knew Magic (Rare #45)

Nico: Of course, the magic to make everyone in the world love me!

Nico: Huh? No good? The scope is too big? QuestionMark

Nico: ...All right, how about just Japan then?

Nico: Huh? That's no good, either? OK... how about just Kanto? Just Tokyo? Just Akihabara? What? That's no good, either?

Nico: Argh! Fine! How about just you then? I'll cast a spell on you so that you can't look at anyone else, only me!

CoolIconA Place to Go (Rare #54)

Nico: As long as I'm with you, I can have fun anywhere. MusicNote

Nico: Oh, but... There is this one place that I've always wanted to go... Will you hear me out?

Nico: On my way home from school, while I'm still in my uniform, I want to go on a date in Harajuku.

Nico: Eating crepes, window shopping... chatting in a cafe...

Nico: And then, buying matching cellphone cases. HeartBubble

Nico: ...Will you... take me sometime?

SmileIconWhat I Like (Rare #292)

Nico: All of my likes are spending time with you! MusicNote

Nico: Eek, I said it!

Nico: What's with that expression? You don't need me to act like that?

Nico: I wasn't really acting, but whatever.

Nico: I like getting my hair styled, selecting costumes, and everything fashionable.

Nico: I guess I'm just a natural idol. MusicNote

Nico: I always felt that I'd win any fashion competition, but now I don't feel like it means much to compete.

Nico: I mean, it's better to make all our members cute and fashionable than to be more fashionable than someone else, right?

Nico: I'm just so incredibly cute, it's like I've been given a sacred mission!

Nico: I'll give fashion advice to everyone tomorrow, too. You'd better come with me.

CoolIconWinter Means (Rare #342)

Nico: Oh, what shall I do?

Nico: Just thinking of you makes my heart ache.

Nico: I never meant to care so much about you.

Nico: If only I could cast these feelings away, to drift on the wind like snowflakes.

Nico: So, this winter...

Nico: the only thing to do is come see a live µ's show! HeartBubble

Nico: Drive off the winter chill with Nico!

Nico: Would you stop looking so disappointed? It bums me out, too. Wow, it's freezing! Anger

Nico: You wanted to spend winter with me, too? Wait!

Nico: You're grinning. You're secretly happy, aren't you? Hehe, you're always trying to hide your feelings. MusicNote

SmileIconA Wish for the Future (Rare #438)

Nico: A wish for the future?

Nico: I guess for µ's to become world-famous?

Nico: Imagine getting to show the whole world how beautiful and charming the Nico Smile is? Just one glimpse and the whole world would be happier. MusicNote

Nico: Pick you jaw up off the floor and listen to me! Sweatdrop

Nico: I meant what I said. But at the same time, I'm totally satisfied with my life right now.

Nico: I've got a family and µ's that I both love and... Wait, maybe my wish has already come true?

Nico: Hold on. If I were to think backwards from this... QuestionMark

Nico:Wouldn't that mean µ's is already the greatest school idol group in the world? And that I'm already world-famous?

Nico: I see... That makes sense. Of course everyone in the world loves me already! HeartBubble

Nico: Don't make such a sad face. Even if I'm a world-famous celebrity, there'll be a place in my heart for you. MusicNote

PureIconLast Night's Dream (Rare #502)

Nico: I just don't get it. It makes no sense.

Nico: Oh, good morning. you seem to be without a care in the world this morning. Lucky you.

Nico: I had the oddest dream last night and it really freaked me out.

Nico: What happened? I was, I was harvesting rice!

Nico: I was wearing a big straw hat and navy blue rubber boots, with a white towel draped around my neck...

Nico: Ugh, it was horrific! I'm a school idol, I should never have to wear an outfit like that. And while doing farm work, no less! BlueLines

Nico: That's the kind of dream you'd expect Hanayo to have, not me.

Nico: On the other hand, the rice was beautiful shiny gold color, and swinging the sickle around to harvest it was kinda fun...

Nico: Harvest, the fruits of labor. Eureka! It's a sign! A sign that some latent talent within me is beginning to emerge! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: When you think about it that way, it's the perfect dream for me to have. I can't wait to see what kind of talent I develop! MusicNote

SmileIconParty Time! (Rare #577)

Nico: Ah, you're finally here! Don't you think it's rather rude to keep me waiting?

Nico: There's a party today. Being late is totally unacceptable.

Nico: We've all been preparing for ages. I want to make it the best party ever.... So fun that there will never be another party like this one. MusicNote

Nico: Why the long face? You think there won't be any more parties after this?

Nico: Don't worry! We are always going to be school idols. We will aaalways be holding fun parties.

Nico: Heeheehee! The parties will never, ever end! MusicNote

Nico: Right, let's go! I'm normally the one being escorted, but I'll let you have me as your escort now and then.

Nico: In return, make sure to show me your super-best smile, OK? HeartBubble

CoolIconA Different Me (Rare #687)

Nico: A different side of me?

Nico: Everyone already says I'm the brightest, cheeriest, and kindest girl in the whole world.

Nico: But the truth is, I'm the daintiest, most beautiful lady in the universe! *Squeal* HeartBubble

Nico: Grr... Wipe that doubtful look off your face this instant! Sweatdrop

Nico: I'm a school idol, so I'm always focused on making sure the audience is happy.

Nico: But lately I'm having so much fun performing that sometimes I put all my energy into making sure I enjoy myself.

Nico: My stance on giving the audience a good show hasn't changed, but maybe a new side of me is slowly starting to emerge?

Nico: I want you to be at my side and watch every step of my evolution. If you miss even the tiniest thing, you'll regret it for the rest of your life! MusicNote

PureIconDouble the Beauty (Super Rare #700)

Nico: Beautiful... They're indescribably beautiful!

Nico: Aren't parrots so pretty? Look at the gorgeous colors of their feathers, and the way their tail feathers spread open in an instant.

Nico: Right? They're spectacular! MusicNote

Nico: Parrots are beautiful animals, and that beauty is why everyone loves them. They're just like me!

Nico: What're you laughing at? It's true! Anger

Nico: That reminds me. Kotori was asking everyone for costume ideas for our next show.

Nico: Maybe I'll have her make me a parrot costume. Then I'd combine the beauty of the parrot's colors with my own stunning good looks. I'd look twice as nice!

Nico: Oh my goodness, my popularity will be off the charts! HeartBubble

Nico: That settles it. I'm going to hunt down Kotori. I want her to start on my costume as soon as possible!

Nico: You come help me find her. I'll let you be the first one to see my amazing new look. MusicNote

PureIconShining So Bright (Super Rare #757)

Nico: Something that shines really bright?

Nico: Pfft, as if you didn't know. Words like "shine" and "sparkle" exist to describe yours truly. MusicNote

'Nico': My natural glow outshines even the brightest stars, and the most brilliant jewels.

Nico: Ahh, the Nico Nico Smile's beauty is almost criminal. HeartBubble

Nico: Why am I the only one talking? I haven't heard so much as a grunt of agreement from you! Anger

Nico: Geez... If you don't try to shine on your own, where do you expect the light to come from?

Nico: You have to always be aware of what you're doing. That's the way to shine even brighter as a school idol. It's all up to you. Understand?

Nico: If you want to shine as brilliantly as me, you need to be very self-aware. Let me know if you have any trouble. I'm always happy to help. Good luck! MusicNote

SmileIconPractice Makes Perfect (Super Rare #861)
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! The number one idol in the galaxy, Nico Yazawa, is here to steal your heart.

Nico: What're you looking at? Hmm? What am I doing? QuestionMark

Nico: Training for the live show, of course! Would it kill you to not ask such obvious questions?

Nico: Excuse me?! Practicing my catchphrase is critical! You think being the most charming idol in the universe comes naturally? It takes work to be this alluring! Anger

Nico: You can't develop a professional idol smile or nail you lines without practice. I make sure to train every day.

Nico: Could you react instantly if a random fan on the street called out to you?

Nico: Idols have to be ready to respond with a smile at a moment's notice. And you have to train hard to develop those skills!

Nico: Get it? Good! Now that you understand, you can train with me!

Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! Say hello to your idol, Nico Yazawa! I'll hit a grand slam straight into your heart! HeartBubble

Nico: Don't just stand there. Do it with me! C'mon, time for another round!


SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#1)

Shizuku: Thanks for all your support! I'm Shizuku Osaka. MusicNote

Shizuku: I'm a member of the theater club at school.
Shizuku: I signed up to participate in school idol activities because I thought it would help me in my drama studies, but...
Shizuku: Singing and dancing as a school idol is actually pretty difficult.
Shizuku: But I'm learning how to keep my composure on stage, and I feel like my acting is improving!
Shizuku: I'm going to work as hard as I can from now on. I'm looking forward to working with you. MusicNote

PureIconSelf-Introduction (#2)

Coco: Hello! I'm Coco Miyashita. MusicNote

Coco: I signed up to participate in school idol activities because I wanted to make people happy.

Coco: Uh... heh heh... I'm so... embarrassed... But it makes me happy if my presence can cheer people up.

Coco: I'm going to do my best, so tell me if you need anything!

CoolIconSelf-Introduction (#3)

Yuu: I'm... Yuu Aizawa...

Yuu: ...That's it. Ellipses
Yuu: ...Huh?
Yuu: I like to... look at stars...
Yuu: ... Ellipses
Yuu: ...I'm really embarrassed, so that's it. Bye-bye.

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#4)

Marika: Yeah! I'm Marika Ichinose. MusicNote

Marika: I kinda signed up for being a school idol on a whim, but it's really interesting!

Marika: Hmm... How should I explain it? It's like letting everything out in an explosion of feelings!

Marika: I get bored really easily. I always move on something new in, but I think I'm starting to like this. MusicNote

Marika: All right, let's practice! Nice to meet you!

PureIconSelf-Introduction (#5)

Sana: I'm Sana Yuki. I didn't really want to become a school idol or anything like that.

Sana: But there was no way around it. I joined because they wanted me so badly.

Sana: What? You're saying I've got a long way to go? Exclaimationpoint

Sana: No-No way! I just haven't put any serious effort into it. This is just minimal effort?

Sana: ... Ellipses

Sana: Hey! I'll be amazing before you know it! Just you watch! Anger

CoolIconSelf-Introduction (#6)

Fumie: I'm Fumie Nishimura. Exclaimationpoint

Fumie: Wow! Being a school idol is just intense! It's all friendships and hard work, leading to success!
Fumie: Lately, I've really gotten into this sports anime, to the point where I've memorized all the lines. But this blows that out of the water!
Fumie: All right, let's work hard toward our goals! Exclaimationpoint

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#7)

Minami: I'm everyone's big sister, Minami Nagayama. MusicNote

Minami: Oh... I say I'm "everyone's big sister" because my mom runs a daycare, and I end up helping out there quite frequently...
Minami: All the kids in the daycare are always calling me "big sister". It's really adorable.
Minami: That's right! You could also call me "big sister", if you'd like.
Minami: Hey! No reason to be shy... HeartBubble

PureIconSelf-Introduction (#8)

Christina: Hello, I'm Christina. I'm from Trento, Italy.

Christina: You can feel free to call me Chris.

Christina: I've never had the chance to wear clothing like this before... They're kind of embarrassing...

Christina: I don't know anything about being a school idol, but I think it's the duty of member of the clergy to bring solace to the people.

Christina: Looking forward to working with you.

CoolIconEveryone's Big Sister (#183)

Minami: To this day, I'm still everyone's big sister. Long time no see. I'm Minami Nagayama. MusicNote
Minami: I'm always reading to the children at the daycare. Right now, I'm reading them an illustrated book called "Saving the World through the Magic of Cooking."
Minami: I love magic, because it creates dreams. I want the children to hold on to their dreams, and I don't want us to ever forget out dreams.
Minami: Do you think this new stage costume I made gives that impression? Does this outfit make me seem like I can cook with magic? QuestionMark
Minami: Like, "Make this more delicious!" or, "Finicky eaters will like this food!" That kind of thing.
Minami: One more! "The distance between us will get smaller!" ...Maybe?
Minami: I don't really know you yet, and you don't really know me yet either, right?
Minami: I want you to tell me more about yourself. Let's work together. MusicNote

CoolIconOld School Romance (#188)

Shizuku: The rain's cold today.

Shizuku: Oh, this isn't good... My hands are all cold and wet from the rain.
Shizuku: Would... Would you please use your hands to help warm mine up?
Shizuku: I'm happy... Your warmth is my support.
Shizuku: Hee hee... What do you think? Our next play is going to be a romance set in the 1920s. MusicNote
Shizuku: The culture and day-to-day life back then had this amazing atmosphere. It was beautiful...
Shizuku: But I think that the happiness that comes from talking to someone you like, and the desire to get to know them, hasn't really changed between then and now.
Shizuku: Please come and watch one of our plays sometime! I'd like to get the chance to know you better... MusicNote

SmileIconCoco Returns a Favor (#260)

Coco: Oh no... the show starts soon, but I'm lost! Sweatdrop

Coco: Huh? The stage is over there? QuestionMark

Coco: Oh, thank you so much! You're a nice person.

Coco: To thank you, I'll do something nice for you later.

Coco: Actually, I do volunteer work because I want everyone to be happy. What could I do for you?

Coco: Would watching our show be good?

Coco: Oh, I know! I'll give you this backstage pass.

Coco: With this, you can go backstage whenever you want, so come see me sometime! HeartBubble

SmileIconEnjoying Every Day (#333)

Christina: Hey, it's been a while. I'm Chris. How have you been?

Christina: I've been in Japan a while now, but as a school idol my performances are not up to par.

Christina: But everyone is so nice, and I'm enjoying every day.

Christina: I'm not even very embarrassed when I put on my school idol costume anymore.

Christina: It makes me happy that everyone enjoys us, and I'm grateful to have something that's really motivating.

Christina: So I'm not worried about anything anymore.

Christina: If you can, please come see us on stage!

Christina: And God bless us all. MusicNote

PureIconStargazing (#368)

Yuu: I'm really not a good swimmer...

Yuu: I wish we could have a stargazing class instead.
Yuu: In the summer you can see Vega and Altair. They make such a beautiful sight.
Yuu: ............... Ellipses
Yuu: Err... Exclaimationpoint
Yuu: You don't know what Vega and Altair are? QuestionMark
Yuu: They're the weaver girl and the cowherd.
Yuu: You should come stargaze with me next time. I've got mosquito netting to keep the bugs away. MusicNote

SmileIconWhat A Haul! (#373)

Fumie: Wowee, what a haul. HeartBubble

Fumie: Oh wow, it's you! I'm Fumie Nishimura. Nice to see you again. Exclaimationpoint
Fumie: As a school idol, I'm a little embarrassed that you caught me like this. Sweatdrop
Fumie: But I think that even school idols can learn a lot from anime.
Fumie: It moves me to tears when I see an anime girl working hard to achieve her dreams.
Fumie: Regardless of how everything turns out, tales of friendship and hard work always manage to touch the heart! MusicNote
Fumie: That's why I'm gonna live my life as a school idol as if I were in an anime!
Fumie: Just thinking about it gets me so fired up! Gah, I can't sit still! I'm going to run home at top speed!

CoolIconI'm Keeping up with This for Longer than I Thought (#420)

Marika: Oh, long time no see! How have you been?

Marika: Good, good. ♪ I've been doing great too, so we're the same!

Marika: The thought of contacting you did cross my mind, but then I thought that it'd be too much of a pain. Ah, but I don't mean that in a bad way!

Marika: I get bored of things easily, you know? Things really go get boring once you keep doing them for long enough.

Marika: But I'm still keeping up with being a school idol.

Marika: School idols are just so cute! It's amazing how the atmosphere can change with just a simple change of song or outfit!

Marika: So I don't think I'll be getting bored of this anytime soon! Ehehe, you're probably happy about that too, aren't you?

Marika: We're having a Halloween performance today. ♪ Come be bewitched by the devil Marika too, okay? ♪

SmileIconI'm Too Busy! (#429)

Sana: What's up? You're totally spacing out over here.

Sana: Me? I'm going to buy some candy.

Sana: N-No, not for myself! We need candy for tomorrow's show. Unlike you and your penchant for goofing off, I'm extremely busy.

Sana: It's almost Halloween. We need to have candy to pass out to the audience.

Sana: What's that greedy look in your eye? Sweatdrop

Sana: You're not getting any candy from me today. If you want some, you'll have to come to the show tomorrow.

Sana: Whoa, you actually came. I'll be honest. I didn't you'd show.

Sana: Man, you really do have a lot of free time. Well, here's your candy. Make sure you savor it!

PureIconHappy All Together (#508)

Minami: Hey, over here! I've been waiting for you.
Minami: We all promised to get together to share a New year's meal. MusicNote
Minami: Normally, cooking is a second nature to me, but for these New Year's dishes, I got a little nervous. After all, it's the first meal of the year!
Minami: Let's hope for a year where we're all happy and healthy. We'll share meals, have fun, and enjoy being school idols!
Minami: Hmm? Hey, where's Sachiko? Let me call her.
Minami: Huh? You can't come because you trapped yourself in a magic circle? Sweatdrop
Minami: Now, I gotta see this! Hey, let's pack up the food and go over to Sachiko's house!
Minami: We might end up eating inside her magic circle, but maybe it'll end up being a blessing in disguise. Let's roll, everyone! MusicNote

PureIconSublime Cyberspace (#585)

Fumie: Woohoo, this is literally that most exciting thing ever!

Fumie: Look at this outfit! I'm going to wear this for the next performance. How awesome is that?! MusicNote

Fumie: It's all, like, sci-fi and cybery. It's amaaaazing!

Fumie: So awesome... I wish I could go into cyberspace.

Fumie: ................. Ellipses

Fumie: Ack! I-I'm sorry, I let my imagination run away with me! Exclaimationpoint

Fumie: I hope these outfits help us show the audience how awesome cyberspace is in our next performance.

Fumie: This show is going to bring school idols, computers, and the future of technology together! I am so stoked! I'm gonna kill it at rehearsals! MusicNote

PureIconDetective for a Day! (#601)

Marika: Yo, yo. It's been a while!

Marika: I've been trying my hand at a new job every day. Today, I'm a detective! MusicNote

Marika: And my gut tells me... you're the culprit!

Marika: Huh? What evidence do I have?

Marika: Aww man, don't make me show my work. I'm no good at the investigating part... Sweatdrop

Marika: Hmm.. Ahh, forget it. I'm retiring from detective work!

Marika: I guess I'm most suited to being a school idol, huh? MusicNote

Marika: Here, you can wear the hat and coat instead. I'm gonna head down to the club room and get back to rehearsing!

CoolIconA Ninja? Or Maybe... (#678)

Christina: Kasane? Does this look right to you?

Christina: Oh, you came to hang out! Your timing couldn't be better. We just got started. Exclaimationpoint

Christina: Our costumes this time are supposed to be ninja-themed, but the ninjas I've seen in books are more... covered. Like their whole bodies, from head to toe.

Christina: Kunoichi? What on earth is a... QuestionMark

Christina: A kunoichi is a female ninja? Oh, now I see! Kasane made me a kunioichi costume, then.

Christina: What a relief. I'm glad I asked you! Now I'm excited. I get to be a really cute ninja! MusicNote

Christina: As a kunioichi, I will strive to bring a moment of happiness and relief to everyone in the crowd.

Christina: D-Do I have the wrong idea again? I hate to trouble you, but can you explain kunoichis to me one more time? Sweatdrop

CoolIconI Love My Yuri (#704)

Coco: Yuri's so cool... Yuuri's so cute!

Coco: Ack! Whoa, whoa! How long have you been standing there behind me? Exclaimationpoint

Coco: *Giggle* Today's the day that Yuri, Kasane and I get to wear the costumes we designed onstage!

Coco: They're animal parkas with cute little animal ears as accessories.

Coco: I'm sure Yuri will complain about how the ears were unnecessary.

Coco: But I think these costumes bring out both her cool and cute sides at the same time!

Coco: Hee, hee, hee... HeartBubble

Coco: You're seeing a very pleased Coco Miyashita right now. Wish me luck. I'm off to the stage!

PureIconMany Sides of Me (#721)

Shizuku: As I am now, I am not fit to say a single word to thee.

Shizuku: Ahh, how I long for thee... I stand alone, forlorn beneath a smattering of stars this eve.

Shizuku: Oh! I didn't know you were coming. Our show this time is a medieval European play set in a royal court. Exclaimationpoint

Shizuku: They lived a totally different lifestyle back then. I want to bone up on my reference material while I've got the chance.

Shizuku: I may look like I'm off in La-La Land, but I'm totally thinking as hard as I can.

Shizuku: I want to show a different side of myself during the performance this time. Make sure you come see the show! MusicNote

Shizuku: Also, I'm talking to everyone about using the costumes and sets from the play to make a school idol movie, too!

Shizuku: I can't wait to sing along and dance with the gang! When the movie's done, I'll bring the first copy to you. You're gonna love it. HeartBubble

CoolIconI'm Not Wearing This (#775)

Sana: Whaaaaaaat?! No way! I am not wearing that. I can't be seen wearing a clown outfit!

Sana: Go on, you tell her too. Say that I should be wearing beautiful, sophisticated outfits! Sweatdrop

Sana: Hmm? Clowns are like guides who lead people to their dreams?

Sana: What the... Exclaimationpoint

Sana: Y-You think I'll fall for that slick talk? I'm not wearing this. End of story. I'm taking it off and going home. MusicNote

Sana: If I'm going to be a clown, I need to build up my stamina and increase my agility before the show.

Sana: Ack! What're you doing here? Stop looking! Exclaimationpoint

Sana: I'm practicing for the show. I need to get in shape to wear the clown outfit properly. Hey, join me and help me rehearse!

SmileIconWill We Meet Again? (#785)

Yuu: Brrr... It's chilly.

Yuu: If I wait here, maybe I'll run into her again.

Yuu: (If I see here this time, I'll make sure to ask her to join.) Ellipses

Yuu: (But I might get so nervous that I lose my voice...)

Yuu: Oh! You really came! Exclaimationpoint

Yuu: ...Umm...

Yuu: I've been waiting... because I wanted to rehearse with you.

Yuu: You'll do it? Oh, that's great. Let's head to the club room! MusicNote

SmileIconHow I Feel Right Now (#958)

Shizuku: Hello there! I just wrapped up drama club rehearsal and now I'm about to go practice for our next live show.

Shizuku: Wait! Please don't leave. I'll hurry and change clothes. Sweatdrop

Shizuku: *Chuckle* What do you think? This is my outfit for the next live show! MusicNote

Shizuku: I wanted to be a school idol because I thought it would help improve my acting.

Shizuku: There are a lot of similarities between drama club and school idol club, but there are differences, too.

Shizuku: In acting, your job is to become the role you're given and play the part. But as a school idol, it's your own feelings that are important, not character's.

Shizuku: After so many practice sessions, I've realized that I'm no longer playing the part of a school idol. I actually want to be one.

Shizuku: I think everyone in the club feels that way. I'm going to keep practicing hard so that my feelings always come across at every show! MusicNote

SmileIconA Dormant Gift (#975)

Marika: Oh! You couldn't have come at a better time. There's something I need to ask you.

Marika: I've suspected this for a while now, but do you think that maybe, just maybe, I've got dormant genius within me?! MusicNote

Marika: Hmm? No, I'm not bashing it on anything in particular. Call it woman's intuition. Or animal instinct. A sense of foreboding. One of those!

Marika: If I do have a latent talent, I wanna figure out what it is a quickly as possible.

Marika: I've tried all kinds of things, but I got bored with them all, except school idols. Hopefully I don't get bored with whatever it is I'm secretly awesome at. Sweatdrop

Marika: Whoa, that's it! I must be gifted at being a school idol! Exclaimationpoint

Marika: Now I get it, I've been harnessing my lantent abilities without even realizing it! Oh, thank goodness my gift hasn't gone to waste. MusicNote

Marika: Maybe I'll try my hand at costume-making before the next show. I'll use my skills to come up with a really cute design, and then you can tell me what you think! 

PureIconI'm Not Saying It! (#998)

Sana: Oh... Tennis practice just let out. Did you really want to see me that bad? Or did you just have some time to kill?

Sana: Next, I'm headed to vocal lessons. You're welcome to tag along if you like.

Sana: I love sinign. when I sing, I can say all kinds of things I can't normally put into words. MusicNote

Sana: Like thanking you for always being around to support me. I could never say that.

Sana: .................... Ellipses

Sana: D-Don't get the wrong idea! I wasn't actually saying it to you! Exclaimationpoint

Sana: I mean, I am thankful to you, but I wouldn't say it out loud... Damn it, I just said it!

Sana: *Sigh* Look. Just come along and listen to me sing a whole lot today, all right?

Yumi Fujishiro

Yumi: My name is read as Fujishiro Yumi.

Yumi: ...I don't really have much to say.

Yumi: That's right. I only joined because Seira joined, so you don't have to mind me.

Yumi: Well, having joined already, I'll have to make sure I'm at the same level as everyone else.

Yumi: Make sure... you don't become a burden either, okay?

Translation note: Her given name "Yumi" uses an uncommon combination of kanji. She clarifies its reading here.

Nagi Shiraki

Nagi: Shiraki Nagi.

Nagi: I paint pictures.

Nagi: I don't really like exercise.

Nagi: ...*depressed*

Nagi: I'll do my best.

Mizuki KikkawaMizuki: Yo! I'm Kikkawa Mizuki. I'm aiming for a spot in the inter-high school basketball tournament!

Mizuki: I applied to be a school idol since I heard that it'd help me improve my basketball skills.

Mizuki: But doesn't this have absolutely nothing to do with basketball!?

Mizuki: Still, I hate giving up halfway, so I'll keep doing my best!

Mizuki: Okay, let's have a great time together!

Akiru ShinomiyaAkiru: Oh, hello there. My name's Shinomiya Akiru.

Akiru: ...Wow, what beautiful eyes you have.

Akiru: Hehe, no need to cautious. I just wanted to do a little check.

Akiru: I believe that I have a good eye for people.

Akiru: If it's you, I think things will go well. Looking forward to working together.

Ruu Tatara

Ruu: I'm... Tatara Ruu.

Ruu: Umm, I'm... not really good with standing out...

Ruu: I used to... play sports and stuff... but not much anymore...

Ruu: S-So, umm... I wanted to try being a bit more proactive...

Ruu: I-I'll try my best... s-so that I won't be a burden to everyone! Kasane HasekuraKasane: I'm Hasekura Kasane, a second year!

Kasane: In order to open new frontiers, I decided to try being a school idol!

Kasane: I usually make my own clothes, so wearing outfits made by other people is quite refreshing!

Kasane: Yep, it's great dancing in clothes like these! ♪

Kasane: I want to try on tons of other outfits, so I'll be in your care from now on!

Sachiko TanakaSachiko: I am the Wizard of the Abyss... For reasons, I cannot reveal my true name.

Sachiko: I see. So you have also realized the truth about this world.

Sachiko: Very well. I, who have fallen from the skies above, require a vessel... Let us verify your compatibility.

Sachiko: Hehehe... Now, struggle and writhe before me!

Saki ShimozonoSaki: Hey everyone, I'm Shimozono Saki! ♪

Saki: As a cheerleader, I'm always part of the sidelines...

Saki: ...but being on this side and receiving cheers from the audience isn't so bad either!

Saki: But! That means I have to give a performance worthy of that applause!

Saki: All right, time to show everyone an amazing dance I learned as a cheerleader! ♪

Haruka KonoeHaruka: I'm Konoe Haruka, a first year. ♪ I'm the my class's representative.

Haruka: School idol activities are fun and all... but everyone who signed up is weird!

Haruka: It looks like I have no choice but to fix this!

Haruka: ...Uu... This might be impossible after all...

Haruka: But I won't give up! Let's do our best!

Kanata KonoeKanata: Konoe Kanata...

Kanata: Haruka-chan said that she'd be a school idol, so I thought I'd help her out a bit...

Kanata: Ah, have you... seen Haruka-chan...? She's my little sister.

Kanata: zzz...

Seira KujoSeira: My name is Kujou Seira. My forté is the violin. ♪

Seira: To be perfectly honest, I've always admired school idols!

Seira: My friend Yumi-chan said she'd help out too, so I made up my mind and joined. ♪

Seira: Hehe, I often get to wear dresses, but it's my first time wearing an outfit as cute as this. ♪

Seira: Okay, I'll continue to do my best, so thanks for supporting me! ♪

Nanaka MorishimaNanaka: I'm Morishima Nanaka! ♪

Nanaka: There weren't any good scoops, so I was looking for ideas I could use for an article for the school newspaper.

Nanaka: You know how school idols are popular these days right? I thought, "This is it!"

Nanaka: And also, if I became one myself, I could write about it in even more depth!

Nanaka: Yep, it's the perfect plan, if I do say so myself! Let's do our best together!

Rika KamiyaRika: Kamiya Rika. I do research.

Rika: Isn't it weird that someone like me is a school idol?

Rika: To be honest, I'm interested in how a single stage can move the hearts of so many people.

Rika: If a tremendous amount of power can be born from youth and passion... it'll be an amazing field of science.

Rika: Hehe, I have high hopes for the subject of my research.

Ayumi ToriiAyumi: I'm Torii Ayumi. I'm only going to say it once, so make sure you remember it!

Ayumi: My hobbies...? I bake sweets sometimes...

Ayumi: Ah, that's right. I made some cookies, so would you like to try one later?

Ayumi: Huh!? Of course I didn't bake them for you!

Ayumi: Cookies come after. It's time for practice right now!

Reine SaekiReine: Saeki Reine here! V! ♪

Reine: I'm good at dancing, so I was confident that I'd do well as a school idol.

Reine: What do you think? Pretty good, right~?

Reine: ...Muu, what a terrible response.

Reine: Well, whatever! You'll be thinking differently soon enough! ♪

Reine: Until then, I'll be counting on you to take good care of me during my lessons, all right?

Yuuri MidouYuuri: The name's Midou Yuuri. Call me whatever you want.

Yuuri: Ugh, this outfit... It's so fluttery and frilly and I just can't come to like it.

Yuuri: Y-You idiot, there's no way it looks good on me...

Yuuri: Geez... Coco needs to stop sticking her nose into weird things...

Yuuri: ...Well, what's done is done. Looking forward to working with you.

Aya SugisakiAya: H-Hello... I'm... Sugisaki Aya.

Aya: Uu... I'm really not good with talking to an audience...

Aya: When my calligraphy is seen by others during a contest, I'm not that nervous...

Aya: I thought... it wouldn't be too bad to have myself seen by others too, so I signed up for this.

Aya: I'll try my best to get better at this... slowly, but steadily!

Iruka SudaIruka: Hey, I'm Suda Iruka!

Iruka: I've been swimming for as long as I can remember.

Iruka: My best stroke is the butterfly! The one where you use the dolphin kick!

Iruka: Hmm... School idol? What's that?

Iruka: O-Oh, that thing where I'm dancing and everything...

Iruka: Y-Yeah, I'll do my best!

Translation note: "Dolphin" in Japanese is "iruka".

Akemi KikuchiAkemi: Kikuchi Akemi, third year. I'm always holding a camera in one hand and running around inside the school.

Akemi: I just love how cameras can cut out a single moment from the flow of time.

Akemi: ...I was supposed to be taking pictures of school idol activities, so I wonder why I'm on the stage now myself.

Akemi: Well, whatever. I'm fine as long as I can capture the beauty of an instant onto this film.

Akemi: Wait, I can't take pictures while I'm onstage! What should I do!?