Yuuka Kirihara
Kanji 桐原優香
School Touou Academy
Grade Second
Gender Female
Birthday April 2
Blood type A
Height 158cm
Three sizes B86 / W57 / H83
Hobbies Reading aloud

Yuuka Kirihara is a student at Touou Academy.


Yuuka Kirihara (Normal #76)
Yuuka76 Max Level: 40 Yuuka76+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 590 PureIcon 1800 CoolIcon 810
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Yuuka Kirihara (Normal #427)
Yuuka427 Max Level: 40 Yuuka427+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 500 PureIcon 860 CoolIcon 1880
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 13.

Yuuka Kirihara (Normal #485)
Yuuka485 Max Level: 40 Yuuka485+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 1920 PureIcon 840 CoolIcon 520
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the Nico's Secret Survey event.

Yuuka Kirihara (Normal #1111)
Yuuka1111 Max Level: 40 Yuuka1111+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 850 PureIcon 1960 CoolIcon 510
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Challenge Festival Round 7.

Yuuka Kirihara (Normal #1279)
Yuuka1279 Max Level: 40 Yuuka1279+
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 860 PureIcon 500 CoolIcon 2000
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side Stories

PureIconSelf-Introduction (#76)

Yuuka: I'm Yuuka Kirihara, a second-year!

Yuuka: I'm also a member of the broadcasting club, so I'm in charge of lunchtime broadcasts.

Yuuka: To be honest, my broadcasts are easy to understand, so they're pretty popular.

Yuuka: Until now, I've never really done anything that involved appearing directly in front of people...

Yuuka: I was thinking I'd like to know a lot of different people, so I'm challenging myself as a school idol!

Yuuka: I'll do my best to help get more people to watch us. MusicNote

CoolIconWelcome to the Shop! (#427)

Yuuka: Yum YUM! Kagoshima sweet potatoes are CRAZY good y'all!

Yuuka: Oh, hello. Would you like a sweet potato too? MusicNote

Yuuka: They're running a Kagoshima specialty goods shop for the week. I was lucky enough to get to work here as an assistant.

Yuuka: Kagoshima is a bit of a rural place, so I tried working on sounding like I'm from the country to fit my part better. Do you think it suits me?

Yuuka: I know it's not quite the same as being a school idol, but I'd be happy if more people start to notice and take interest in Kagoshima! MusicNote
Yuuka: Aah! Exclaimationpoint

Yuuka: Y-You're back again! They gave me extra sweet potatoes as a bonus. Would you like to share them? Sweatdrop

Yuuka: I'm so embarrassed that you saw me like that. But seriously, Kagoshima sweet potatoes are CRAZY good, doncha think?!

SmileIconOn a Snowy Night (#485)

Yuuka: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming to tonight's special Christmas school idol performance.

Yuuka: We thrilled to sing and dance for you on this beautiful, snowy day. Please enjoy the show. MusicNote

Yuuka: *Pant Pant* Sorry, thanks for waiting.

Yuuka: I'm so happy you could make it to tonight's Christmas performance. I saw you from the stage!

Yuuka: Hmm? Why was I pulling double duty as a performer and announcer? QuestionMark

Yuuka: Hehe, nothing gets past you. Actually I'm also a member of the media club, so I thought I was a natural fit to host the show. MusicNote

Yuuka: Maybe I'm not the most professional emcee, but the fact we put the entire show on by ourselves is what makes us unique!

Yuuka: My motto is, of I can do it, I should do it! I'll be in touch after New Year's. Bye!


Home Screen

  • よろしくおねがいします (Pure only)
    Nice to meet you.
  • こうやってお話しするの、楽しいです (Pure only)
    Talking like this is fun.
  • 私がご案内しますね♪ (Pure only)
    Let me lead the way. ♪
  • 私が担当しているお昼の放送に、スクールアイドルのコーナーを作ったんです♪ (Cool only)
    I'm in charge of the lunchtime broadcast, so I added a school idol segment to it. ♪
  • 本日の放送は、桐原優香がお伝えいたしました♪良い一日をお過ごしくださいね (Cool only)
    Today's broadcast was brought to you by Kirihara Yuuka. ♪ Have a nice day.
  • ふみちゃんと動物園の爬虫類館に行ったんです。カメレオンに詳しくなったかも♪ (Cool only)
    I went to the reptile exhibit at the zoo with Fumi-chan. I think I know a lot about chameleons now. ♪
  • いつも会いに来てもらっていますから……今度は私から会いに行きたいんです (Smile only)
    You always come to see me... so this time I came to you.
  • もう、風ちゃん! 冬は上着くらい着てください~っ (Smile only)
    Geez, Fuu-chan! At least put on a jacket in the winter~!
  • 見てください、天使の衣装♪ クリスマスも近いですし、気分も上がりますね (Smile only)
    Look, it's an angel's outfit. ♪ Christmas is approaching, and I'm getting excited.

Tapping the Character

  • はい、ご用件をどうぞ!
    Yes, please state your request!
  • いたずらはダメですよ~?
    Teasing people isn't good, you know~


  • ストーリーを進めてみてはいかがでしょうか? (When there are unread stories)
    What do you think about progressing the story?
  • 今はライブがおすすめです♪ (When there are new live stages)
    I recommend a live right now.



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